It’s Time to Enforce the Foie Gras Ban

Posted by Ian Elwood, ALDF's Online Editor on July 20, 2012

San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) Deputy Director Kathleen Brown is quoted as saying the recent foie gras ban in California has some "some major loopholes," and that the agency won’t issue citations to chefs who give away foie gras for free. If agencies such as SFACC act as if upholding the ban is outside their purview, how are we to expect producers and distributors of foie gras to obey the law?

Despite originally openly defying the law, even restaurants like The Presidio Social Club are publicly announcing that they are taking foie gras off the menu–after being pressured by their landlord The Presidio Trust. This suggests that the time is right for a change. So why the hands off approach on the part of regulators?

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