Iowa “Puppy Mill” Bill Becomes Law And Illinois Pet Disclosure Bill Passes House

Posted by Tony Eliseuson, ALDF Volunteer Attorney Member on March 31, 2010

Two previously pieces of legislation that have been discussed on this blog have had further successes. First, the Iowa “puppy mill” bill I mentioned in a previous post, has now become law after Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed the bill. This law is designed to improve the conditions for dogs and cats at commercial breeding facilities. Importantly, the law is already in effect, and it is being enforced. As the article notes, the bill gives Iowa state inspectors the ability to inspect facilities that are licensed by the USDA to ensure that they are in compliance with Iowa’s new, and more stringent, regulations. Hopefully this victory in Iowa will spread to the numerous other states that are considering puppy mill-related legislation.

Illinois is also one step closer to passing improved pet-related legislation. The Pet Disclosure Act that I previously discussed passed the Illinois House of Representatives on Friday, March 26th by a vote of 81 to 26. The bill now needs to clear the Illinois Senate, which will be a higher hurdle. Previously animal welfare-related legislation in Illinois has passed the House only to stall in the Senate. If you live in Illinois, please contact your Illinois state senator and let them know you support HB 5772.

You can find out who your state senator is through this website. The website has four tabs which allow you to search by District, by Official, by Address, or by 9 digit zip code. The easiest way to search is by 9 digit zip code if you happen to know it, otherwise searching by your home street address locates that same information for you. The results will show all your elected officials, including United States Senator and Representative. The person you should contact regarding this bill is your Illinois state senator, not the federal officials.

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