How to Promote Homeland Security? Serve Justice and Fire Olson

Posted by Carter Dillard, ALDF's Director of Litigation on July 15, 2013

coyote-attacked-by-dogRecently a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) center distributed a counter-terrorism bulletin to law enforcement regarding an online petition on the advocacy website The petition, which was initiated by Project Coyote and has more than 60,000 signatures, calls for the firing of Jamie Olson, a USDA Wildlife Services employee who posted photos on his Facebook page and hunting websites showing his dogs mauling trapped coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons. The DHS affiliate that distributed the bulletin fears the petition “may bring the attention of the more extreme animal rights activists to Wyoming.”

As a former legal advisor to DHS who worked in a counter-terrorism unit I can appreciate the need to be vigilant regarding anything that might incite violence. But the clear path here is not to focus on the activists calling, well within their constitutional rights, for Olson’s termination. The smart move is to simply fire Olson. It is his extreme cruelty, without repercussions, that is causing any upset that is out there, and quite frankly, I don’t think any of us would want to live in a country where cruelty like that would not upset people and where it would go unpunished. Injustice causes upset, as well it should. It’s time for the USDA to end both, do the right thing, and fire Olson.

123 thoughts on “How to Promote Homeland Security? Serve Justice and Fire Olson

  1. Penny Sympson says:

    You have a choice. Animals do not. What legacy do you choose to leave? Please choose to leave a legacy of kindess and humanity.

  2. Jenna Vogel says:

    This is terrible. I don’t have the words for it. At least not any I’d care to use here.

  3. Christine Fackler says:

    MY GOD, what have we become when we allow suffering like this to take place? PROSECUTE the heartless scumbags that allow this and please help the wildlife who have just as much a right to exist and live as we do…..Christine in Oregon

  4. Mary Cullen says:

    Do what’s right. Get this done. Fire Jamie Olsen.

  5. Rachelle L says:

    Fire Jamie Olsen!

  6. Bremda says:

    Posting photos of animal cruelty could inspire others to find more extremes ways in inflicting animal brutality. Fire him.

  7. HIlary Cornet says:

    Such cruelty should never be allowed. He should los his job.

  8. debbie b says:

    i am horrified that anyone, much less a federal agent, could be so cruel! even if you have some kind of problem with a particular type of animal, there is NEVER a reason to be cruel and inhumane!!! this man NEEDS to be fired and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  9. Darlene Bangert says:

    WTF? Fire him.

  10. Sonja Mills says:

    Theory to animals, any animal for any reason, is unacceptable. This horrible man deserves to lose his job for poor judgment, poor public relations, and poor ethics.

    1. Sonja Mills says:

      Cruelty to animals is unacceptable. This man should lose his job.

  11. The USDA Wildlife Services should cull the cruel, depraved and sadistic individuals from their ranks … there is no place in “wildlife service” for the likes of Jamie Olsen who so obviously takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of tortured and abused animals…his postings, his actions are intentionally cruel and criminal, he must be terminated and ineligible for hire or rehire by any entity that is related to animal welfare or husbandry.

  12. Ed Bro says:

    It is cruelty to trap these animals and then
    to watch the blood sport of his dogs mutilate and maim and
    KILL . He should be tied up with an animal trap clamped on a
    One hand and have a dog atack him and let him know the
    tromma that he is allowing to happen to owr animal

  13. Nan Waters says:

    Olsen should be fired. His despicable behavior should not be tolerated or condoned in any way. A message needs to be sent to the larger community that cruelty is not acceptable, and should be punished.

  14. Luke Poliah says:


  15. We are not extremists. We believe all life is to be valued, not only the life of humans. We oppose all forms of cruelty.

  16. Alicia Cabrera-Thomas says:

    This is simply horrific.
    I feel that such cruelty by a citizen is bad enough, but an employee, whose salary ~we taxpayers pay??
    This man should be fired & perhaps even brought up on animal abuse charges.
    This is simply beyond the pale

  17. Denise Workman says:

    Maybe we should put the trap on his foot and set the dogs loose!! It is disgusting the lack of respect for life this guy has!!!

  18. Deborah C Anderson, Esq says:

    Such disgusting cruelty cannot be tolerated.

  19. Greg says:

    I say ban this old way form of trapping then letting the animal suffer only cowards would do this, use a more humane way like a rifle! one shot one kill! then butcher the meat to feed starving animals.

  20. Michelle Mitchell says:

    Yes, the word is out and someone should be concerned about this display of blatant animal cruelty. I say prosecute to the fullest intent of the law, not just firing him!

  21. Lisa Frederickson says:

    Olsen needs to start looking for a new job, NOW. This is disgusting and inexcusable. This despicable excuse for a human being is in charge of my security? No thanks.

  22. Peggy Lasich says:

    Stop the cruel practice of traps, fire Olsen!

  23. Lorri Redmon says:

    Pure torture is being promoted here. And he’s proud of this ? Get him out of his job!

  24. Lorraine says:

    Disgusting evil done in plain site & nothing is done?? The person who condones such extreme cruelty should be dealt with in the same way!!! Is this what the upper class find entertaining??? Is this what they crave??? SAYS A LOT FOR THEM DOESNT IT!!!!!

  25. Deborah Kelley says:

    This must stop

  26. Deborah Kelley says:

    This barbaric abuse must stop now

  27. CM Ashley says:

    This person is the same as ones that do dog fighting. He enjoys seeing the animals torn apart. He’s just doing is under “Homeland Security”. This is animal abuse in the biggest way. This individual is very sick.

  28. msnlynx says:

    I also agree that this poor excuse for a representative of the human race should be terminated and absolutely no references given unless they refer to his lack of kindness. I would dearly like to wish upon him an opportunity to experience first hand the feeling of a leg-hold trap and the inevitable pain, and attack of non friendly rescuers!!!

  29. Stephanie Emhoff says:

    Mr. Olsen is clearly not fit to hold this position. Employing someone who is intentionally cruel to animals is a disgrace. USDA Wildlife Services should do the right thing and terminate this man immediately.

  30. Lara says:

    Jamie Olsen should not be working for wildlife services. How could someone be so cruel. It is so obvious he takes pleasure in seeing animals get tortured. It’s sick! He needs to be fired and not allowed to own any animals or hunt them in the manner he does.

  31. Heather Webster says:

    So cruel and horrific! He should definitely be terminated from his job!

  32. Lisa Velez says:

    Simply stated, Mr. Olsen needs to be fired for his deplorable conduct. It is time for the USDA to do the right thing.

  33. larry losness says:

    please fire this insensitive human being.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    There need’s to be more protection for all wildlife..

  35. Melanie says:

    A life is not less important just because it’s not a human life!

  36. Emily Hoell says:

    Please fire this man. He clearly has a total disregard for wildlife. How could he possibly work for Wildlife Services effectively? Even if what he did was legal, I question his motivation if this is what he does for fun. Cruelty should not be rewarded with a job that many people would love to have and who would have a personal interest in doing it. He clearly does not like animals.

  37. Melissa york says:

    You should be ashamed! And fired! Abuser.

  38. Alex Paiva says:

    get him FIRED!!!!!!

  39. Shona Duncan says:

    This man is a vile sicko and needs fired asap!! How can you condone such violence?

  40. Deirdre Brennan says:

    Such cruelty points to a man who lacks human compassion and protection of others–CRITICAL of a man in Olsen’s professional position. Remove him!!

  41. Jessica says:

    This has not been done yet? WHY IN THE WORLD DOES THIS PERSON STILL HAVE A JOB?

  42. Jen Rogowski says:

    Isn’t animal abuse against the law? I loose more and more respect for our so called government everyday. This makes me sick.



  44. Cara says:

    This is far too barbaric and unnecessary. Please let’s help stop.

  45. R. Glynn says:

    Animal cruelty should never take place in any form now a days. Fire him!

  46. krukiel says:

    He needs to be fired!

  47. Anne K. Taiz says:

    This is as bad as dog fighting. This is sadism pure and simple and I think this man should be fired.

  48. Lauren Convery says:

    How are we supposed to teach others (especially our children) about humanity when we see such horrible, heartless and hateful behavior? I pray this offender is made an example of, lose his employment, and be convicted of criminal charges

  49. Cindy King says:

    Fire this sorry excuse for a man!!

  50. How to Promote Homeland Security? Serve Justice and Fire Olsen” That is appalling. You really have to wonder who is the scarier species, animals or man? Seems man in this case.

  51. Corinna Duncan says:

    Disgusted that he is even in this position! This monster needs to be fired.

  52. Sally Leyva says:

    Mr. Olsen needs to be terminated. When we are working in public services we must behave and act in a professional manner at all times. It is wrong, cruel, and disrespectful to all the animals involved to he allowed his dogs to maul helpless trapped animals. Mr. Olsen’s supervisors also should be fired for allowing such acts to go on.
    What do your the Code of Ethics say USDA?
    Sally Leyva
    Prescott, AZ

  53. Gary West says:

    Our government should promote reverance for all Life.

  54. Sondra says:

    He is a very sick, very cruel man. Get him out of there, remove him from his responsibilities as a USDA Wildlife employee.

  55. Deborah R Pannette says:

    Isn’t he employed to protect wildlife? What he has done violates the terms of his job. Period.

  56. Ferne Harasimiw says:

    Cruelty is cruelty. No matter who is doing it. Fire that person. In this day and age that person knows that we do not want such things happening. Not even in secret, of which this person has many. Shame on Olsen! Should not be allowed to work in this field at all.

  57. lois sarrel says:

    The picture of Jamie Olsen’s dog attacking a trapped animal is disgusting and abusive. Do not suspend him, fire him.

  58. Tess Goodman says:

    Olson needs to be fired. Period. That will prevent any backlash from animal welfare groups and THEN Olson needs to be charged with animal cruelty and never allowed to work with or around animals again.

  59. Mary Dail says:

    Heartless and cruel. I’m sure there is another job out there for him that would not include animals.

  60. Nicole Rettino Jones says:

    This is unbelievable cruelty! This person should be fired!!

  61. Pamy Meow says:

    Olsen needs to be fired because this is cruel,sick and inhumane.If he displays these kinds of acts to animals what will he do to humans?He is one of the types of people we do not need to promote homeland security.Please serve justice by firing Olsen and not advertise your company with this type of employee. Thank You,Pamy.

  62. C says:

    This behavior is inexcusable. I, as a taxpayer, paying Mr. Olsen’s salary, WILL NOT TOLERATE actions such as Mr. Olsen’s. Outrageous that these so-called men are behaving like savages. These actions do not shine an impressive light on our government. FIRE Mr. Olsen.

  63. Donna Mccallie says:

    Appalling behavior fom Olsen. Animal cruelty must not be allowed and protected in a civalized society!

  64. Maria Cermola says:

    There is NO question this monster should be fired. He should also be held on cruelty and endangerment charges! If you ignore the horrific acts that he has commited intentionally, with pleasure and for personal gain, you must look at his acts based on the position he holds. There is NO WAY these acts are not fireable offenses! The fact that he put his own pets in contact with wildlife then,
    with himself, his family, friends and the general public risking the potential of exposure to zoonotic diseases is unforgivable!!! He could have singke handedly started a Rabies outbreak in his area! His irresponsible actions are at least cause for him to lose his job, at best fines and jail time.

  65. Denise Kudla says:

    I am sick over this!Fire them today!

  66. Karen Dunn says:

    Firing seems a given; are there no charges that could be brought against him? I’m sickened that he’s not been relieved of his job yet, and that Wyoming is using such an absurd excuse.

  67. LaWanna Jones says:

    all bear traps should be banned. He should lose his job over his actions and esp boasting about it. He is cruel thru and thru. Fire him!!!

  68. Veronica Tennant says:

    Any unnecessary pain and suffering caused on any sentient being is WRONG! Please take appropriate action to stop this immediately.

    Thank you.

  69. Pamela L Gascoyne says:

    Animal are some times left like this for days in these traps, screaming and crying out for hours.

  70. C. Simms says:

    Pathetic! What a disgusting human being you are to sit and watch such suffering by any living thing. I hope you loose your job and ppl tease and torment you where ever you go so you feel what those animals felt!

  71. Lee Ann Taylor says:

    This man should be barred from any position that requires contact with any animals.

  72. Troy Harrison says:

    This individual should not have any position that makes policy/decisions regarding animals or human beings

  73. Jolena Powell says:

    This is horrendous behavior especially for a “wildlife services” officer. This is the kind of person who makes me sick!

  74. Sara Rabbani says:

    Jamie Olsen should be fired immediately! He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to human kind.

  75. Nadisha Silva says:

    This person needs to be fired and made an example of. The majority of us have a conscience and will not turn a blind eye.

  76. Joan Stasiak says:

    This is absolutely reprehensible & such cruelty is intolerable!! There should be NO question as to whether he should lose his job…he should have already lost it!!!

  77. Fred says:

    “…bring the attention of the more extreme animal rights activists ..” – You don’t have to be “extreme” to object to barbarism, cruelty, and stupidity. Ordinary people with common sense can object to that as well.
    That said, this guy needs to be run out of town.
    He’s an idiot.

  78. Michelle Gu says:

    Olsen is an embarrassment to DHS and should be fired. What a disgrace.

  79. Rachael Payne says:

    Has a petition been organized or a letter written? I would like to join in whatever effort is being made to hold this employee accountable for such cruelty.

  80. Sharron lee says:

    Shame on you,your a sick man,what goes around come around I hope

  81. Tammy Angel says:

    He should be fired immediately and charged with cruelty to animals. He is misusing the power of his position. Taxpayers did not pay his salary for him to fulfill his own sick fantasy.

  82. I want this man fired! Why would he do this? Atrocious!

  83. Well said, Carter.

  84. Kristin says:

    This is not acceptable! This man Jamie Olsen is a disgrace to the department! You should be concerned about his mental state as well. He has dogs that attack other animals. He enjoys the suffering and POSTS it? A person who tortures animals will certainly move to torture humans. If he was a 10 year old people would be up in arms saying he was mentally ill. Scarier that he is an adult with any type of authority! Be warned that you, the USDA Wildlife Services, are just as guilty if you let this go unpunished. You are also responsible!

  85. Mary Hughes says:

    This is outrageous! Government gone bad once again.

  86. Barbara McLendon says:

    This person is a disgrace and should not be in any job that represents the US. He should be immediately fired and prosecuted for animal cruelty! And please take his dogs away from him. This type of person is not fit to be in society much less have innocent creatures in his care!

  87. KKilchenstein says:

    It is time for the USDA to end THEIR cruelty, period. When they stop leaving poison baits and steel traps for wildlife; when they stop poisoning the American people with their toxic GMO/Bt/Roundup crops which not only mutate and poison our environment, food, and water supply- but create fatal cancer and neurological diseases in humsns- When the USDA stops allowing GMO grains to be fed to farm animals, when the USDA stops allowing hormones and steroids to be given to farm animals, when the USDA BANS the cruelty of factory farming, period….When the USDA stops doing these things, maybe we can have see them as having any credibility whatsoever.

  88. Skye Garrett says:

    He needs to be fired ASAP! Why can’t we put him in a trap and have his dogs attack him!

  89. Christine says:

    He should lose his job and be sent to PRISON!!!!!

  90. Sherri McCormick says:

    The sheer hubris of this person in posting the photos on social media sites implies he believes he is ‘untouchable’ in his position and will not have to face any ramifications of his amoral, depraved, ILLEGAL actions.
    THAT, alone, is enough of a reason for anyone in a supervisory role to terminate him.

    WILDLIFE SERVICES EMPLOYEE?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!? And just exactly WHAT SERVICES is this person providing…for the wildlife?
    I believe he just proved it…regardless of whether he was on or off the clock.

    He has blatantly promoted his ILLEGAL actions. What is the problem? What is the hold-up? You have your evidence…he provided it to you. He wants to be sacked and arrested.
    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, USDA and the State?!?

    Deal with this person appropriately as the law states you should!
    For heaven’s sake; this country is becoming very intolerant of this behavior…and the recent George Zimmerman verdict has announced to the nation that vigilante activity is acceptable.
    Bad things can happen in the woods, Jamie Olson………..just sayin’………..

  91. Pat Harris says:

    Olsen should be fired and imprisoned for animal cruelty.

  92. Charlene Inglis says:

    FIRE OLSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Randall Kogler says:

    Someone like that should’ve fired and then cut his balls off so he can feel pain for awhile. Remember Abuse an animal go to jail. And cut their balls off

  94. Dawn says:

    I agree with all of the above. Olsen should be removed from his position and reprimanded for the pain and suffering he has caused.

  95. gigi farrell says:

    Is there a petition started to have this man investigated for possible firing?

  96. Cathy Adrian says:

    This is barbaric and unacceptable. This heartless “man” should be fired immediately and fined for not only his acts, but also for ppublicizing them.

  97. Katarzyna Akar says:

    Fire and press animal cruelty charges. He needs to see that there will be more harsh consequences. Firing will not stop him or his stupid friends/followers from doing this again!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I wish we had an eye for eye rule again…

  98. linda reynolds says:

    PLEASE STOP THIS how can he still have his job???????

  99. Lisa Keefer says:

    Lets “reverse the situation”. Lets say that his dog was the one trapped, crying out because of fear and pain, and was seeking to be released from it’s own grave death, thru his cries, only to realize that he is about to be severely bitten, scathed of fur, drained of life and blood thru an animal that this creature thought his owner would rescue him from. The so-called owner, or man, should be released of his duties as it is apparent that he has absolutely no feelings toward mankind.This so-called man must think he is above all else and he is justified in the killings of innocent animals. What will be next?…. Humans?… or have they already not been by this man’s hands?….

  100. This person REALLY NEEDS to be TERMINATED!!!!

  101. Tammie Thornton. AUSTRALIA says:

    This is a very sad sight. In this day & age where there is a large movement toward animal welfare with an increase in the laws against animal cruelty working towards stopping such violent and murderous acts from occurring, with may I add, the support of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, why then is this man still in his position of employment, and WHY has he not been fined, with the possibility of time in jail?? This is intention harm & pain being caused to these animals, with promotional advertisement of such acts on his social media accounts/pages.. disgusting and unacceptable…

  102. Donna says:

    There is something wrong with someone that enjoys this type of horrible cruelty! He needs to get the message that this is wrong. No contact with animals period!!! He needs to be fired.

  103. louise desimone says:

    horrible thaty ou would employ this man to hurt these defenseless animals!!!

  104. Ed C. says:

    Olson should be fired immediately and animal cruelty charges should be brought against this scum. People like Olson should not be entrusted with a the position of a government representative.

  105. pam dewitt says:

    Compassion for an animal is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals can not be a good man.
    S. Chopenhauer.

    I agree…

  106. audrey says:

    Fire him, ban him from any job that has to do with animals or wildlife, AND prosecute him.

  107. Margaret Setterholm says:

    Homeland Security should not be providing cover nor succour to those who would engage in repeated acts of depraved cruelty AND promote these acts in our nations social media….what is Homeland Security doing about this man? Why is Homeland Security disturbed about people who protest his dimented activities. This is twisted.

  108. Clarence says:

    Fire Olson! Evil man!

  109. Sophie Islip says:

    This is terrible cruelty. This man must be stopped.

  110. P.J. Harrison says:

    Give him the same treatment!! Then fire him!!!

  111. D. Weiler says:

    Fire Olsen. He should not be around any animals!!!

  112. katie mcd says:

    You inspired me to write the following letter:
    Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture
    William Clay, Deputy Administrator for Wildlife Services
    Jeffrey S. Green, Western Regional Director for Wildlife Services
    Rod Krischke, State Director Wyoming Wildlife Services

    I am concerned about the very public display of animal cruelty by Jamie Olson, a USDA Wildlife Services employee who posted photos on his Facebook page and hunting websites showing his dogs mauling trapped coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons.
    While a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) center counter-terrorism bulletin, concerned only with the possibility that a peaceful petition calling for justice would bring “extreme animal rights activists to Wyoming,” I have not heard any news that Mr. Olson is facing any consequences for his obscene cruelty to the animals of Wyoming. This speaks very poorly for the leadership that would speculate on potential threats while ignoring a serious problem within its ranks.
    Mr. Olson is an employee of the people, who have every right to call for his termination. Mr. Olson does not possess the values that are required in his position. Please show that you value the people and wildlife of Wyoming more than you fear people speaking their mind.

    Katie McDougall

  113. Therisa Shaw says:

    This is despicable cruelty. He should not be allowed near animals ever again and if there was any justice he should not only be fired but also put in prison.

  114. Susan Gold says:

    When someone deliberately goes out of their way to cause excessive cruelty to an animal they are prosecuted in most communities. Why is this not happening here? Mr. Olsen should not be an employee of USDA Wildlife Service as I feel he has not a clue about wildlife or any animal life for that matter. This is torture and slow death of an animal and is not legal.

  115. He should not be in office.

  116. Victoria Driscoll says:

    Olson should be fired. The USA needs to be stricter on animal cruelty. We are suppose to be the intelligent species.

  117. Victoria Driscoll says:

    Olson should be fired. The USA needs to be stricter on animal cruelty.

  118. Carmen winter says:

    The government has to prove what they say, rights to everyone and more to nature and wild life, protect them, OUT of work immediately and make him pay his abuse !!!
    Carmen Winter

  119. Elizabeth Huntley says:

    There is a proven correlation between the commission of animal cruelty and child abuse/domestic violence. The promotion of, tolerance of, and the turning a blind eye on acts of extreme cruelty be employees of the USDA Wildlife Services must end now, starting with firing Olson.

  120. Jan Fletcher says:

    Katie McDougall: I copied your letter and will act accordingly :)

    I have to admit that I will probably be a bit more abusive than you were :)

  121. Sarah Cripe says:

    Why in the world is this something we have to plead for? This should be undeniable grounds for termination, not only under the law but by any miniscule shred of standards under the USDA. Frightening that it is not. Do they not abide by a code of ethics?? As for the fear of “animal rights extremists” who are peacefully petitioning, Jamie Olson’s pitiful and cruel existence is the one they should fear. Someone that sadistic needs help. It is how we treat our most vulnerable that demonstrates true character.

  122. Janett says:

    People who have no empathy with animals, have no empathy with people either. He is sadistic and should not be able to torture animals without consequences. Next it will be people.

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