Honor Your Mother and Protect Mothers of All Species

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on April 27, 2010

On May 9th, we will be honoring and celebrating mothers everywhere. Honor
your mother, friend or fellow advocate with a special gift to the
Animal Legal Defense Fund and surprise your honoree with a beautiful
Mother’s Day e-card.

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. That’s
why ALDF fights to win animals the legal protection they so desperately
need — from the mother sows at factory farms confined to cold
metal crates that prevent them from interacting and bonding with their
baby piglets, to the countless number of dogs at puppy mills
living in tiny, cramped cages who are bred like machines to produce
litter after litter their entire lives. Through our groundbreaking
lawsuits, ALDF has reunited a mother chimpanzee and her daughter
in a sanctuary after a lifetime of beatings at the hands of an abusive
trainer and saved mother horses and their unborn foals from

Through ALDF’s work, we’re moving toward stronger
laws that recognize the needs of animals, including the loving
mother/child bond that is innate to so many animals.

Celebrate animals with ALDF and honor mothers of all
species. Make
a one-time or monthly donation in honor of the special mother in your

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