Honey Badger Does Care – New Video Blasts Tests on Baby Monkeys

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on September 30, 2014

A brand new video, made by internet sensation “Randall” of the viral “Honey Badger Don’t Care” YouTube video and meme, blasts the controversial torture of baby monkeys known as “maternal deprivation” conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s badger against badger in this funny new video by the Honey Badger, and he hopes the UW Badgers are listening.

In the same sassy style as the Honey Badger video, viewed more than 69 million times, Randall explains these “horrible, evil, disgusting mother deprivation tests” are being conducted on little baby monkeys. And why? “To learn that babies are miserable without their mothers?”

Randall told the Animal Legal Defense Fund:

I created this video because I want everyone to know we live in a world which has a very hard time learning from its past. I created this video because I do NOT want my tax dollars funding “baby monkey terror tests.” Experimenting on animals, especially in this day of technology and science, is archaic, disgusting and beyond inhumane.

The infant monkeys are removed from their mothers and isolated in incubator boxes, before being exposed to anxiety-inducing stressors like a live snake. They are also forced to undergo painful skin-punch biopsies, cerebrospinal fluid draws, and brain scans. Then, before they turn two, they’re killed. Unlike the fearless honey badger, who fights cobras and lives life on the edge, baby monkeys get scared and suffer without their moms.


In August 2014, the Animal Legal Defense Fund called on the USDA to investigate the protocol for these “terror tests” and potential violations of the federal law—the Animal Welfare Act—that protects animals in laboratories. As Randall says, “our tax money is going to fund this barbaric…” nonsense. More than 300,000 people have signed a Change.org petition, from a medical doctor and UW alumna, calling for an end to unethical torture of baby monkeys.

SIGN THE PETITION to demand an end to the torture of baby monkeys by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

20 thoughts on “Honey Badger Does Care – New Video Blasts Tests on Baby Monkeys

  1. Diana Laxdal says:

    I am appalled to learn of this cruel and inhumane treatment of these baby monkeys. You should be ashamed. Please stop these experiments.

  2. Sarah Gura says:

    Please stop torturing any living being for your experiments.

  3. rizwana shaheen says:

    stop these madness

  4. laura says:

    it’s just plain cruel stop it !!!

  5. Lesley M Bosworth says:

    All animals should be respected and not treated as playthings for humans

  6. michael hayman says:

    idiots have nothing to do so they create these inhumane experiments

  7. Darwin Kaufman says:

    UW-Madison has a history of cruelty towards animals. See Harry Harlow.

  8. Eric Lewis says:

    I do NOT want my tax dollars funding “baby monkey terror tests.” Experimenting on animals, especially in this day of technology and science, is archaic, disgusting and beyond inhumane. Sick bastards!

  9. Brian Roberts says:

    End this cruelty! Use your own kids for the study if you have to! Not my tax dollars!!!

  10. stephanie smith says:

    stop this. Or do the testing on yourself and your children.

  11. sharon chang says:

    people that perform animal tests are perverts and should be treated as such!

  12. Camille Carrigan says:

    This is OBSCENE!! What possible benefit can be extracted from these horrible and utterly unnecessary tests?? SHAME ON ANYONE who participates in this brutality, and that goes for VIVISECTION as well. We should NOT be testing on animals in this day and age!!!

  13. Tanya geneman says:

    This is unnecessary and cruel, a waste of taxpayers money, get a real job!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    This is cruel & should absolutely not be allowed to continue.
    Please put a stop to this torture of baby monkeys!

  15. Redundancy via torture funded by tax dollars- great! One has to wonder about the pattern of serious, revolting animal abuse that continues to occur at UW. How is it that people are ok with this and they continue to receive support? The tests that are being done there involving the most heinous cruelty to animals are thoroughly unnecessary. The flow of $$$ needs to stop, and a strong public outcry needs to be heard.

  16. Leonard says:

    Grotesque and unconscionable! What possible beneficial consequence could result from this?

  17. Lu Michaelree says:

    It is so shocking that such barbaric treatment of animals is allowed to continue in the name of science. Not only do I think it should be illegal, but those responsible should be criminally charged with cruelty to animals.

  18. Janet says:

    As a Badger alumni I am appalled that these cruel an inhumane toutures of any living creatures, but especially on primates are still going on in 2014! I remember watching documentaries in the 70’s done on monkeys in Wisconsin but I cannot believe this is still happening. Please stop this madness!

  19. Susan Furman says:

    This is absolutely horrible and needs to be stopped.

  20. Daniela Londono says:

    I wish this cruelty would end to monkeys and all of the numerous species that are always put under cruel experiments. Each of them have a heart just like us, they are living organisms just like us. STOP THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY.

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