Holiday Cheer at Animal Place

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Execuctive Director on December 22, 2008

All of us at ALDF have animals in our personal lives and many of us bring our dogs to work with us most days. My five year-old Queensland heeler mix, Eve, comes to work with me every day and holds down the little couch (which I got for her) while I work at my desk. It’s a great relief to have our animal friends with us when constantly have to read cases and news reports of the worst kinds of animal abuse on a daily basis. It’s necessary to our work but it can be painful and disheartening some days.

Without that kind of hands-on connection to the animals our work would be so much harder to bear sometimes. And, of course, our work is not limited to dogs and cats. So, for the second year, our California office had its holiday party at Animal Place, a farmed animal sanctuary about an hour away from our office.

It was such a wonderful retreat. We were greeted by pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, turkeys and rabbits. There is nothing quite like spending time with animals to recharge your batteries and make you want to get back to work fighting animal abuse.

Please enjoy these photos from our outing. Happy Holidays!

ALDF staff and friends greet the pigs at Animal Place. Matthew greets Howie.
Bruce with one of the Animal Place pigs. Chickens at Animal Place

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