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Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on October 13, 2009

America's Giving Challenge - Donate Today!Despite its increasing ubiquity in so many of our lives, aren’t you still driven to wonder sometimes if the internet is really good for anything beyond emailing your cousins pictures of baby animals in varying states of adorableness (or is it just my cousin who does that?). All this month, the answer is most definitely “yes”–through November 6, the Causes application on Facebook is teaming with the Case Foundation and PARADE magazine for America’s Giving Challenge–designed to encourage each and every one of us to get involved in a month long charitable giving drive in support of the charitable causes that mean the most to us. We’re asking all ALDF fans to support our cause, “Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail!”

Here’s what is so cool about America’s Giving Challenge, in which over 70,000 people participated last year. As you might have seen in your PARADE magazine in this past Sunday’s cover story, the goal is not to get people writing giant checks, but rather, to get as many people as possible involved–and all you need to contribute is $10! Even in tough economic times, it’s an amount that many of us can spare. At the end of the month, the causes that received the most individual donations will win matching gifts of up to $50,000. As Matt Damon says in a video interview on the PARADE magazine site, “A lot of people doing a little is the most meaningful way to effect change.”

If you’re an old pro with Facebook, terrific! Please join our cause “Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail!”, make a minimum donation of just $10, and–very importantly–spread the word to your other online contacts! I got old high school friends, former co-workers, and even my acupuncturist to make $10 donations. Giving is contagious, and the idea here is to create community around the idea that all of us need to step up to the plate and be a part of the solution to the epidemic problem of animal abuse. What is YOUR sphere of influence? Who can you reach out to?

If you’re not on Facebook–no problem. You can still make an online donation to “Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail!”, and urge your friends and family to do the same.

I remember around this time each year when I was a child, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, getting a little box to collect change for UNICEF while trick-or-treating, a campaign of theirs that dates back to 1950. It was my first personal experience with philanthropy, with the idea that those who can spare even a handful of coins have a societal obligation to be a part of a solution to problems plaguing the world–and the idea that even one person, even a child, can make a difference. Maybe you have kids of your own whom you can draw into the discussion of how your family can be a part of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s drive to win justice for the most helpless, most abused animals. Every family member chipping in a few dollars of allowance toward a $10 gift will have us on our way to a better world for animals in no time.

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