Foie Gras Petition Reaches 50,000 Signatures!

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF's Staff Writer on May 22, 2013

We did it! Together, you and other animal advocates helped us reach our goal of 50,000 signatures on our citizen’s petition to ban foie gras.

Today the Animal Legal Defense Fund is sending these signatures along with a formal appeal we filed Friday our lawsuit against the USDA for allowing diseased foie gras into the human food supply. In this lawsuit, we are joined by Farm Sanctuary, Compassion Over Killing, and the Animal Protection and Rescue League.

Foie gras is the pathologically diseased liver of ducks and geese, who have been stuffed so full of food their livers expand to eight or more times their natural size. Ouch! This means that eating foie gras puts consumers at serious health risks for conditions like secondary amyloidosis, and who wants to eat diseased food at gourmet prices?

But foie gras also means hell for animals. A bird raised for foie gras endures daily force-feedings through a thick pipe crammed down his throat, so that colossal amounts of grain can be pumped into his stomach. He is likely to suffer infections, painful wounds to his beak and throat, and it is extremely likely that he will be so uncomfortable and top heavy his legs won’t be able to hold him or allow him to move normally. If he gets sick, he may be simply tossed onto a trash heap. If he lives, he’ll be gutted and his liver sold as pate.

ALDF is not the only one who thinks force-fed foie gras is cruel and inhumane. In fact, foie gras has not only been banned in the state of California–it is banned in over a dozen nations around the world. It’s time for the USDA, the federal agency in charge of regulating the food supply, to ban foie gras once and for all–to protect animals and consumers.

We boxed up the signatures and they are ready to ship!

Read more about ALDF’s fight against cruelly produced foie gras.

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