Fall in Love… With Esther the Wonder Pig!

Posted by Nicole Roth, ALDF Board Member on February 14, 2014

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day—and I am in love with Esther the Wonder Pig! If you haven’t checked out her website yet, you need to. Esther’s guardians have posted videos of Esther taking a bath, playing with her canine companions, and eating fruit! Esther’s guardians never expected to live with a 300 pound pig. They were told she was a “micropig,” estimated to be around 50 pounds full grown.

Much to their surprise, Esther just kept growing! Luckily for Esther, Cupid’s arrow had struck—her guardians had fallen in love with her. They experienced first-hand how intelligent pigs are. They saw no difference between Esther and their two companion dogs. So they not only decided to keep her… they decided to show love for all animals, by going vegan.


In reality, Esther was one of over 116,000,000 factory farm pigs slaughtered yearly in the United States. The vast majority of them do not get Esther’s happy ending. At the Animal Legal Defense Fund, we have pledged to hold farms accountable for violating the law and encourage legislatures to enact new laws to protect animals. Recently, ALDF has been working to protect pregnant and nursing pigs at the California State fair. Pregnant sows are put on display at the State fair so that the public can watch them give birth and nurse. If they were given the choice, these sows would build a nest to give birth and protect their young far away from people. The sows at the State Fair are kept in standard industry farrowing crates in which they are not able to walk, turn around, or stand comfortably. These are the same types of crates that pigs like Esther would be confined to every year in order to nurse her young. Pigs like Esther are forcibly impregnated about twice a year and confined to a cycle of gestation crates and farrowing crates for her short three to four year life before she is spent and sent to slaughter.


So while I love Esther because she is adorable, I love her even more because she is opening people’s eyes to the fact that farm animals are just as cute and intelligent as domestic animals. I hope that Esther’s growing following on Facebook and YouTube will convince more people to love and protect pigs instead of eating them. Many of her admirers are also meat eaters. I hope Esther can open their eyes to the fact that the pigs on their plate are the same as Esther. Maybe then they will think twice before grabbing a slice of bacon or, even better, stop eating all animal products like Esther’s guardians. Many people think their individual decisions do not make much of a difference. In reality, being vegan saves about 200 animals per year. Every time you refrain from buying animal products, you are telling the industry that you do not support the treatment and killing of animals like Esther. More and more people are making similar choices and the consumption of meat in the U.S. is steadily declining which means less animals are bred, raised, and killed.


Please help me save pigs like Esther! And check out her videos. She is absolutely adorable. If you are considering reducing (or eliminating!) your consumption of animal products, please find resources here for help:

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9 thoughts on “Fall in Love… With Esther the Wonder Pig!

  1. keith says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Tashe says:

    Such a sweetie! Happy Valentines to you and your family! Ester and your pups are tremendously sweet and it makes everyone who sees them play happy :)

  3. Janet in Cambridge MA says:

    PIgs are awesome. I’m so thrilled that not only did her guardians keep her as a companion animal, they went vegan!!! Go vegan! Kisses on your beautiful face, Ester. And hugs to your family–the two- and the four-footed.

  4. jeanne semple says:

    We need to learn to love and respect all living things.

  5. Mary Ann Bernardi says:

    How can we ever deserve respect ourselves until we are capable of respecting all living things?

  6. KRISTA ARNONE says:


  7. Shell says:

    Awwww…Esther and the pups are beauties indeed!! Hats off to the wonderful family who opened their hearts and home to her..YOU ROCK!!!

  8. Beth Standen says:

    I love pigs; I am actually fascinated by them. Are they like dogs in terms of housebreaking?

  9. Beth Standen says:

    She is lovely.

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