Continued Support Needed for Missouri Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

Posted by Stephanie Ulmer, Guest Blogger on February 9, 2011

Update–March 17, 2011: Missouri legislators have voted to repeal Prop. B, endangering countless puppies in the abusive puppy mill industry. Please send your urgent letters to Governor Jay Nixon asking him to veto this repeal:

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
City, MO 65102

In November 2010, we reported that voters in Missouri, often infamously referred to as the “puppy mill capital of the nation,” passed Proposition B – the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. This landmark law was passed with a 52% vote and requires large-scale dog breeders to provide all dogs under their care with sufficient food, clean water, improved housing and space, necessary veterinary care, regular exercise and rest between breeding cycles. In addition, it limits the number of dogs allowed in a breeding operation and elevates violations to criminal offenses. The law is scheduled to go into effect later in 2011. A great victory for the animals, right?  It would seem so, but a fight has now begun to repeal or change the new law.

Missouri television station reports that “Hundreds of dog owners and animal rights activists packed a Missouri House hearing on Tuesday [January 25, 2011] as lawmakers considered whether to repeal or roll back” the laws. A bill sponsored by House Republican Tony Dugger of Hartville would repeal the law, while “two other legislative proposals would scale back changes in the law.” reports that the bill heard in committee would remove many of “the stiffer regulations and the cap on the number of dogs, and change the name of the law to the Dog Breeders Cruelty Prevention Act, among other things.” Some opponents of the new law have argued that it punishes licensed breeders and that it could destroy the breeding industry in the state.

“Proposition B supporters, however, said the new law was a necessary response to animal cruelty and suggested that efforts to overturn it would subvert the people’s will.” The people of Missouri have spoken–the vote is in. They want the added protections for the animals clearly spelled out, with legal consequences for non-compliance. It is clear that this law is badly needed and that none of its provisions should be compromised–sufficient food, clean water, improved housing and space, necessary veterinary care, regular exercise and rest between breeding cycles–are tantamount for healthy and responsible breeding. The law should remain intact, for the sake of the animals.

Missouri residents: contact your legislators and encourage them stand behind the voters! The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act was passed by the majority and should not be repealed.

4 thoughts on “Continued Support Needed for Missouri Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

  1. Sandra Senior says:

    Breeding business = puppy mills! What are we teaching our children? Are there no more pressing problems. How fortunate(?) for the state if the legislators have time to worry about saving the puppy mills.

  2. Ricky Carpenter says:

    all this should stop the people doing it should be locked up for a long time

  3. Lib says:

    How do these puppy mill owners sleep at night with shelters slam full of great dogs and puppies who need homes. The statistics of how many are euthanized in the U.S. are disgraceful. Adopt before you shop. Until they all have a home.

  4. If Missouri voters do not contact their MO State Senators and Representatives, as well as Governor Nixon NOW, both dogs and voters will probably be the losers. If you know anyone who lives in Missouri, please ask them to respond to this DIRE situation.

    Ask Missouri State Senators and Representatives to RESPECT THE WILL OF THE VOTERS. Ask them not to pass a de facto repeal of Prop B.

    To find contact information for your MO state senator and rep., got to:

    Dogs cannot contact legislators. You can! Please do.

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