Companion Animal Spotlight: TomTom and Bootsy

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on July 23, 2008

After receiving this picture of TomTom and Bootsy, we couldn’t resist sharing it. Thank you Will and Liana for sending us your picture and story!

Glad you like our little friends…

Both are basically rescued animals. TomTom (the cat) showed up in the yard one day with his twin brother Huck. They were unusual due to their clipped looking ears. Our vet has never been able to determine if they were born that way (such as a Scottish Fold) or someone clipped their ears for some reason (possibly to make them appear to be Scottish Folds and bring more money?) Unfortunately Huck passed away a year ago due to congenital kidney failure. TomTom appears to be healthy and happy. He’s very laid back, but he rules the roost of our 3 cats and one dog.

Bootsy (aka Boo Boo Bear) is the puppy. She is a 2 year old Golden Retreiver/Collie mix that Liana rescued as a tiny furball from a busy highway in rural Virginia. Her mother and siblings were later found in the neighborhood and the owner gave Bootsy to us. Growing up as the youngest housemate of the cats, she probably thinks she is a cat herself! She gets along well with her mates and shows obvious feline tendencies, such as copious grooming sessions. She is Liana’s constant companion and she especially enjoys hiking and running in our nearby park and chasing deer and rabbits in our yard.

They are both joys and we couldn’t imagine them not in our lives.

Will & Liana

North Carolina


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