Canada’s “Best Places to be an Animal Abuser”

Posted by Stephan Otto, ALDF's Director of Legislative Affairs on June 9, 2010

Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec are the best provinces and territories in Canada to be an animal abuser, according to a new report released today by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Based on a detailed comparative analysis of the animal protection laws of each jurisdiction, the report recognizes the provinces and territories where laws protecting animals have real teeth, and calls out those like the Northwest Territories and Nunavut–tied again for worst in Canada this year for animal protection laws–where animal abusers get off easy.

ALDF’s third annual report, the only one of its kind in the nation, ranks every province and territory on the relative strength and general comprehensiveness of its animal protection laws. For the second year in a row, Ontario held the top spot in the rankings due to its wide array of animal protection laws; New Brunswick showed the most significant improvement overall, moving from the bottom tier last year to fourth best in the country this year.

2010 rankings map

1. Ontario
Nova Scotia
3. Manitoba
4. New Brunswick
5. Yukon
British Columbia
7. Saskatchewan
8. Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland & Labrador
10. Alberta
12. Northwest Territories, Nunavut (tie)

The full report, including a rankings map and overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the animal protection laws of each province and territory, is available here.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s “Best Places to be an Animal Abuser”

  1. Roz A. says:

    I am a proud Canadian, but not proud of the fact that my home province is one of the worst! This is not something new to me, and one of the many reasons why I donate here on a regular basis :)

  2. Your organization apparently did not do its homework very well in that you have placed the Yukon Territory in the middle tier/#5, when the territory deserves to be placed at or near the bottom of the list.

    The Yukon Government is complicit in the exploitation of dogs used as sled dogs by giving great amounts of money and promotion to the barbaric Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, a.k.a. “The Toughest Sled Dog Race in the World”, and also by helping to promote sled dog tourism in the territory. The Yukon Government, especially Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor does not respond publicly or otherwise, to advocates for sled dogs.

    The Yukon Quest, besides being directly responsible for hurting and killing many dogs since its inception, also does not have a policy on dog culling – killing or otherwise disposing of dogs who are no longer useful to dog mushers. Sled dog tour operators also do not have lifelong commitments to care for their dogs.

    The Yukon Quest and ‘the sport’ of dog mushing are also promoted to school children in the Yukon with the blessing of the Department of Education, and much of the populace of the Yukon is largely apathetic about and supportive of, the Yukon Quest.

    The territory’s animal protection act does nothing to stop this abuse and cruelty (the dog mushing lobby was considered a major stakeholder in the drafting of the legislation). The Humane Society Yukon has done absolutely nothing over the years to protect ‘sled dogs’ and I have never heard any of their executive or spokespeople speak up when dogs have been hurt or killed in the Yukon Quest, for example.

    As an animal welfare organization, please educate yourself about the exploitation of these exploited dogs in the Yukon.

    I would furthermore expect you to change your ratings with an accompanying updated press release.

    Thank you.

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