Call to Keep Gray Wolf Protections in Place

Posted by Chris Green, ALDF's Director of Legislative Affairs on December 4, 2013


We need your help to protect gray wolves today!

You may have heard the shocking news that plans are underway to delist nearly all gray wolves in the lower 48 states from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This means these wolves would be “fair game” and not protected under the ESA.

As regional hearings are being held on the issue, a letter is being circulated in Congress urging Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to abandon agency plans to delist the wolves. Removing these protections would leave gray wolves at the mercy of the states, many of which still view the wolf as a mere pest to be exterminated.

Since 2011, nearly 1,500 gray wolves have been killed in several U.S. States. Indeed, Montana recently issued 6,000 wolf-hunting permits for only 625 wolves currently remaining in the state –– greatly hastening their chances of eradication. Similarly, Wisconsin just allowed wolves to be hunted with dogs, killing more than 181 of these iconic American animals in just a few weeks.

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva and Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick are trying to get as many of their fellow Congresspersons to sign onto the letter by the December 10 deadline. We need your help to support them!

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Please call your Senators and Representative today to voice your opposition to the gray wolf delisting, and ask them to sign on to the Grijalva-Fitzpatrick letter to Secretary Jewell.

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We need your help to ensure that wolves and other wild animals are allowed to fully recover before being subjected to the perils of those who prefer to see them dead.

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17 thoughts on “Call to Keep Gray Wolf Protections in Place

  1. Andrea Brickey says:

    Please do not delist the wolf status. They are part of the ecosystem, which will reach a self – manage their populations.

  2. Kelly Mayer says:

    I am contacting my NH Senator/Representatives and voices my concern and urgency that they sign this letter to ensure the wolves and other wild animals are allowed to be left alone as they should be! THank you for spreading the word on this issue and getting the world involved. We can work together and help save the wildlife God put here for us to love not destroy!

  3. bernard hochendoner says:

    protect our not kill them.

  4. myrlehorn says:

    Please, please, please save these magnificent creatures and allow them to fully recover and grace our lands.

  5. Chris Burns says:

    Do not let the advances be wiped out thus taking us back 100 years, to times that are OLD but not so good.

  6. Tobi Rackers says:

    Please protect the gray wolves!

  7. Cathy Saunders says:

    These beautiful and majestic animals mate for life, and are the very beginning of “Mans best friend”.

  8. Fran Gray says:

    Please, protect and save these beautiful animals!!!

  9. Mel rowland says:

    Keep wolves protected and ban all hunting and trapping. We should be proud of the wildlife and heritage and not destroy it

  10. Mary says:

    Wolves are magnificent creatures with as much right to live as we do. They are an important part of the ecosystem and part of earth’s wild spirit. We have to protect them and learn to share this planet with all our fellow species.

  11. Killing of wolves for trophies, slaughter of wild horses so ranchers can turn their cattle out onto public lands to ruin it, killing all wildlife to open the way for fracking and killing of U.S. public lands….I am ashamed of you United States. Stop it!

  12. RAMONA PAOLINI says:

    This planet belongs to the animals, WE the human animal are only visitors here yet we treat their home as if EVERYTHING was put her for our own self gratification and ego pleasures. We kill, abuse, maim and not just the animals other humans too. WOLVES INSTINCTIVLY KNOW HOW MANY OF THEIR KIND CAN LIVE ON A PARCEL OF LAND AND BREED ACCORDINGLY. CAN THE ANIMAL CALLED HUMAN DO THE SAME. HUMANS ARE THE REAL ANIMALS.

  13. Heather Paravella says:

    Please protect wolves! I love them because they’re beautiful creatures!

  14. Karen Hyett says:

    Leave these beautiful creatures alone. It’s humans that suck and are extremely ignorant toward nature. Stop taking away all the beauty that we so look forward to seeing and that future generations can enjoy. Our ecosystem needs wolves to survive. Protect them and give future generations a chance to enjoy this same beauty.

  15. Deborah Certalich says:

    I live in Montana and the thought of not seeing wolves in the wild sickens me and breaks my heart. Maybe these so called hunters should have to spend a day with the wolves to find out what compassion and kindness is like. So please stop the hunting and killing of ONE of the most beautiful creatures!!!!!

  16. Thina says:

    GOD gave us these beautiful animals it is not our right to take them away. I believe us humans need to READ MORE ABOUT THEM

  17. Michael Guest says:

    Stop the hunts. I want you to keep the wolves protected everywhere. There is not much time left. Please help these creatures. The wolves deserve better. Save them now.

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