Boston College Cafeterias Go Cage-Free Thanks To SALDF Students

Posted by Nicole Pallotta, ALDF's Animal Law Program Student Liaison on December 11, 2009

Proving that a few voices can create positive change, Boston College Law School Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) members convinced the school to stop using eggs
from hens kept in battery cages and instead switch to using cage-free

"In order to convey what a battery-cage looks like and how much room
each chicken was allowed, we were able to secure an actual battery-cage
that was once used in an industrial factory farm. Providing this type
of visual representation of a battery-cage proved to have the most
impact on students, many of whom did not know of the barbaric practices
used by most chicken farms."

Natalie Prosin, president of the Boston College Law School SALDF

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