Ban “Atrazine!” – Dangerous Frog-Castrating Pesticide Poses Grave Risk to Wildlife

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF's Staff Writer on August 26, 2013

frog-cc-Yamanaka-Tamaki-article-image2Today, the Animal Legal Defense Fund signed onto a letter from the Center for Biological Diversity and a coalition of 250 concerned organizations to demand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protect our wildlife, our environment, and our citizens from the horrific pesticide known as “atrazine.” This toxic pesticide contaminates our water supply and can cause endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, and cancer. We need your help to ban this toxin!

To demonstrate support for banning atrazine in the U.S., a coalition of animal protection, conservation, health, farmworker, environmental, and sustainable food groups, signed onto a letter to the EPA that asks to reduce the harmful effects of pesticide on animals, humans, and our environment. The toxin is banned in the European Union, yet more than 80 million pounds of it are used in the U.S. each year.

Frogs and other amphibians are especially vulnerable to atrazine. Their skins absorb these toxic chemicals from agricultural runoff, and research from Dr. Tyrone Hayes at the University of California has demonstrated that atrazine castrates male frogs—even at the levels allowed in our drinking water by the EPA.

Today’s letter calls upon the EPA to ban atrazine due to “widespread exposure and unreasonable risks” to wildlife, human health, and the environment. The federal agency received our letter along with tens of thousands of comments calling for the ban.

The letter to the EPA follows:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
OPP Docket, EPA Docket Center (EPA/DC) (28221T)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20460–0001

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

We the undersigned organizations are writing to ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban atrazine, a commonly-used weed killer and toxic chemical that threatens human health and the environment. This dangerous pesticide is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface, and drinking water.

Atrazine is a powerful endocrine disrupter that is already banned in the European Union.  Atrazine causes complete sex reversal in male frogs at concentrations lower than what the U.S. EPA allows in our drinking water supply. In people, there is reason to be concerned about the potential risk of cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects.

With such widespread exposure and unreasonable risks to human health and the environment, the U.S. EPA must ban the use of atrazine.


Animal Legal Defense Fund, Center for Biological Diversity, and coalition

22 thoughts on “Ban “Atrazine!” – Dangerous Frog-Castrating Pesticide Poses Grave Risk to Wildlife

  1. Melody Paris says:

    This is already banned in the EU! Why is the U.S. always behind? Do the right thing. This is embarrassing to the U.S.

  2. Suz johnson says:

    Save the frogs & save our water

  3. kathleen sheridan says:

    I support the Animal Legal Defense Fund in its efforts to ban atrazine.

  4. Diane Murphy says:

    Ban this dangerous drug asap

  5. Angel Stroyan says:

    Ban this to protect the Frogs and the water.

  6. Patricia Keene says:

    This is an outrage!!

  7. Mara Comitas says:

    Keep Atrazine out of our drinking water and save frogs at the same time. A win/win situation!

  8. jean Ann Marwick says:

    Please keep this toxin out of the water and the atmosphere just like the Europeans do. We should be leading other countries, not the last one to make the choice. DO THE RIGHT THING

  9. Norma Scott says:

    This is already banned in the EU! Why is the U.S. always behind? BAN this drug, I hope in your next life you all come back as frogs !!!

  10. Verbena Santo says:

    Please stop poisoning our water and land – every living thing depends on pesticide free, safe water and food – not just for now, but for the future – don’t destroy the world our children will inherit,

  11. Susan Foster says:

    Please ban atrazine in the U.S. now! The frogs and all other creatures, including humans, need clean water to live. Protect our environment, as you are called to do.

  12. Gail Clark says:

    Ban this toxic substance before we start seeing its effects on other species, including humans!

  13. Dean Curtis says:

    We are entitled to a free zoning of all Toxic chemicals and rights to have them rebuked for miss testing, and cases of real poisoning experiments and accidents. The real toxins of this world are all to be banned, in cases of the above! Cap Dino

  14. Barbara Jean Avery says:

    Banning the use of this dreadful poison has got to be signed into law. It just makes good sense.

  15. Mary Prubant says:

    Why does a supposedly civilized, rational society continue to produce and spread poisons that are known to cause a multitude of environmental and health disasters? I realize that is really all comes down to money and making lots of it. How bad will things have to get before corporations and their shareholders realize that the money isn’t worth the destruction their products are causing?

  16. Florence Windfall says:

    We humans must learn to respect all Life on Earth. Our Western culture is in a death mongering phase right now, stemming from the Industrial Revolution, which will take down most of Life into extinction, including ours, before we know it.

  17. Christine Cerqueda says:

    Please protect wildlife and the environment. Ban atrazine.

  18. It is insane that the US is so corrupt that none of our “protection” agencies are doing anything but back up the poisoners! It is all left up to the few that care enough to stand up to the big traitors and demand something better!

  19. Lorie Obradovich says:

    Yet another example of our humanity being sold to the highest bidder.

  20. Bonnie Hale says:

    As a former long-time wildlife rehabilitator under an MOU with California’s Dept. of Fish and Game, I can attest to the harmful effects that herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals have on fish, birds, and other species. Did no one read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring?

    This must end.

  21. Sandie Roberts says:

    All toxins should be ban!

  22. Please keep the toxin out of water
    the frogs must live there

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