Answers to Your Questions About ALDF’s Win for Tony the Tiger

Posted by Matthew Liebman, ALDF Staff Attorney on May 16, 2011

In the wake of ALDF’s recent victory in the Tony the truck stop tiger case, we’ve received a lot of questions about the ruling. ALDF staff attorney Matthew Liebman answers some of these questions.

Q: Why does Tony have to wait until December before he can leave the Tiger Truck Stop?
A: Michael Sandlin’s current permit is valid until December 2011. The court enjoined the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from issuing Mr. Sandlin a new permit when the current one expires. Although ALDF argued that the court had the authority and the obligation to order the Department to immediately revoke the permit, the court disagreed. The court directed the agency not to issue a new permit, but the current permit will stay valid until it expires in December.

Q: Is there anything that can be done to get Tony released sooner?
A: ALDF is looking at all of its legal options to determine whether further litigation could change the timeframe for Tony’s release. In the meantime, we’re encouraging our supporters to sign our petition urging the Department to revoke Mr. Sandlin’s permit. Even though the court refused to order the Department to revoke the current permit, the Department retains the authority to do so on its own if it chooses. 

Q: Where will Tony go in December?  
A: Although ALDF asked for custody of Tony in our lawsuit, the court refused to award him to us. That means the decision of where Tony goes in December is out of our hands. But ALDF will do everything it can to recommend and promote Tony’s release to a reputable, established, and humane sanctuary that will meet all of Tony’s needs.  

56 thoughts on “Answers to Your Questions About ALDF’s Win for Tony the Tiger

  1. Lori says:

    Please keep on top of this so Tony is just transferred to another horrible situation of abuse. I don’t understand why the courts wouldn’t relinquish him to your custody.

  2. Dawn Flann says:

    As much as this all makes sense and yes I understand everything that was stated. My main concern, and the main concern of the Free Tony the Tiger Campaign (2008) remains, that possible harm could come to Tony before he is released in December. With the new Issue of possible flooding where Tony now is, and the most Important Issue being Tony’s health, and the fact that he may not last until December if he does not receive that Examination and Medical Care asap. I pray that something is done to remove him before the Date that the Court Issued. Thank you ALDF for all that you are doing for Tony.

  3. eliza howard says:

    Thank you for all you are doing for Tony. I stand behind you in all your advocating for animals. I along with so many others am hoping that together with all advocating we can get Tony out way before december so he can get the health care and love he so deserves.

  4. eliza howard says:

    I also am very concerned that Tony will not get out much sooner than December. Tony’s needs a full health exam immediately. I am also concerned about harm being done to him. Also the weather concerns.

  5. Cheryl Hindman says:

    We truly hope that Tony can be released sooner, as everyone knows by now that his care is neglected and he could possibly be in danger, nothing worse than an arrogant man refusing to lose a battle in which he vows to always win. PLEASE EVERYONE KEEP PUSHING FOR TONY TO BE RELEASED ASAP! Michael Sandlin and Tiger Truck stop left Tony there during hurricane Katrina, whats to stop them from leaving Tony in a flood zone. We cant stand down to him or the State of Louisiana, UNTIL THAT CAGE IS EMPTY…..

  6. shelley mattocks says:

    The longer Tony stays in that place the more he is suffering. He needs a lot of medical attention that at the moment he isn’t getting and probably not likely to while he remains at the truck stop. His mental health also looks to be in bad shape too, his pacing up and down his cage is a sign of that, he is frustrated and angry.
    A few months difference is neither here nor there for Sandlin but it is for Tony. In Tony’s best interest Sandlin’s permit should be revoked and Tony handed over to keepers who will love and care for Tony and get him the medical treatment that he needs.
    Tony should be given the chance to have a bit of comfort peace and freedom in his life! If the judge sat and thought about the life that Tony has and just for 5 mins put themselves in Tony’s world and what he has to put up with 24/7, anyone can see he is living in misery.
    He is not being treated, kept or fed well enough for his body to be healthy, and is being taunted and teased by visitors as well as the constant noise from the roads and the truck stop.
    Tony’s treatment is cruel and the authorities are fully to blame for letting this go on.

  7. Thank you for answering some of our questions and concerns for Tony. Tony’s supporters are very appreciative of the tremendous efforts by ALDF in their victory in obtaining a permanent injunction barring the LDWF from issuing any further permits to Mr. Sandlin. Thanks also to Mr. Warren Triche, the Louisiana residents who voiced their concern for Tony, Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida, and people all over the world who never give up the fight for Tony’s relocation to a proper home. While Judge Caldwell’s decision is a positive action for Tony, it is disappointing that the current permit was not revoked. The unhealthy and unnatural environment of a truck stop is definitely not a suitable habitat for a tiger or any animal. Accredited big cat sanctuaries can provide Tony with a natural habitat, medical care, proper diet, and enrichment. We are all looking forward to when Tony will have the home, care, life and respect he deserves. We will continue to advocate on his behalf until such action is taken and support ALDF’s ongoing efforts in Tony’s case.

  8. martha skinner says:

    Thank you Animal Legal Defense Fund for a job well done. All your efforts for this tiger are greatly appreciated. Waiting until December is difficult and hopefully the judge will reconsider.

  9. I personally,just do not understand why this decision was made.The judge obviously does not share our compassion for Tigers.

  10. China Lanier says:

    God Bless you guys for all you have done for Tony and other furbabies.
    We all understand the Law can be frustrating at times and just hope and pray the courts and or Tony’s keepers, change their minds and let him go where he will be taken care of properly.

    I just pray now that Tony will be kept safe from the flood waters and not become a casualty because they may not be equipt with a way of moving him to Safety or choose not too since they lost their chance at further permits!

  11. diane zuraski says:

    Thank you for all you are doing…
    I hope the judge decides to end Tony’s suffering right away instead of waiting until december,,,,I think this beautiful animal has suffered long enough…I just wish his present owners were made to feel what Tony has for years…..they deserve that and more….
    thank you for caring…

  12. Terri Halle says:

    Thank you for all your efforts for Tony, and not with this success. It is wonderful and he deserves the attention from around the world!

    I hope now with all my heart that Tony will remain safe until he is finally removed to go HOME for the first time in his life.

    Thanks again, we all wait now to exhale.

  13. Leesa Somodi says:

    Is there no getting through to Tony’s owner? He now knows that he’s been beat and still will not relinquish Tony to someone who will care for him properly? Does the success of his business REALLY depend on shamelessly keeping a wild animal in such miserable conditions? Is there some way to boycot this truck stop or is it so strategically located that there’s not another one nearby? December is a long way off when every day of your life is torture. Is there an address where we can write to Michael Sandlin? Thank you ALDF for resolving what seemed at one point to be a hopeless situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I only hope there will still be a tiger when we get there. How sad – it breaks my heart…

  14. Annarosa Berman says:

    I am so grateful for the work that you’re doing, thank you Animal Legal Defense Fund, the world is truly a better place thanks to you.

    Couldn’t one try to buy Tony off his owner? I for one would be happy to contribute if you guys were to set up a fund.

  15. tabitha says:

    Who decides where Tony will go – the court or the current owner’s of the truck stop? Is it required that he go to a sanctuary or is there a danger that he could end up in a similar situation at a substandard facility?

  16. Stacey says:

    Thank you for everything you are doing for Tony. I honestly cannot thank you enough. I hope and pray we get Tony through the next 7 months with no health problems and no appeals or upsets. Keep us posted on anything further we can do to help. Thanks again.

  17. delia says:

    is true that Tony is sick? and that for December may be too late? there is no way that the court consider this?

  18. Linda Alioto says:

    Why the wait? Tony’s rehabilitation should start immediately. He should be moved to an accredited and trust-worthy big cat facility now. How can you leave him in the care of the person who is responsible for his mal-treatment? Do you think that his care is going to improve because of the notoriety? If anything, his owner will be more vindictive now than ever. This makes no sense. Move him now.

  19. Venetia Appelbe says:

    This is not a victory, it’s just something to pacify the campaigners, they threw us a bone to try and keep us quiet. If the authorities genuinely cared about this issue the tiger would be seized from the owner IMMEDIATELY and relocated URGENTLY. Saying that they won’t renew his license at the end of this year is just bullshit, it’s NOT ENOUGH. The keeping and breeding of wild animals by private individuals should be OUTLAWED, period!


    This whole situation is truly distressing, especially when Michael Sandlin has stated in a previous Advocate article: “Sandlin said he will consider moving Tony to an animal sanctuary only when the 10-year-old tiger gets too old or too sick to be exhibited.”
    If anyone has been to Tiger Truck Stop and can provide eyewitness reports, photos and videos of Tony, or if there are any veterinarians and experts who can attest to the detrimental effects on a tiger’s health caused by living at a truck stop – please e-mail FREETONYTHETIGER@GMAIL.COM
    Update: October 25, 2010: Dorson, Exec. Director of The Humane Society of Louisiana announced their support of the Free Tony The Tiger campaign and the formation of a national committee for Tony whose principle purpose will be “to develop a workable plan to transfer Tony to a new environment with a natural setting – and one that will attend to his social and medical needs.” Please see the post on Tony’s Facebook page and on Tony’s WordPress page
    If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send a brief bio with your contact information to Dorson, Executive Director, Humane Society of Louisiana, at
    The founder of the FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN: Sky Williamson and two Co-Founders Dawn Flann & Cheryl Hindman declined “because we did not want to be part of or involved in helping Sandlin which is what Dorson wants to do” and “We do not want to be associated with The Humane Society of Louisiana who has had twenty plus years to help all the tigers that have been at this truck stop but waited until now to get involved.”
    Mr. Dorson took it upon himself to assume that we would become one committee without ever talking to anybody from the original FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN. Dorson allegedly contacted Free Tony The Tiger By: Dee DeSantis on Facebook which the original campaign is not associated with in any way shape or form. The website was built by Dee DeSantis and Sky Williamson and once thousands of members joined DeSantis removed Sky Williamson as one of the administrators and founder of this campaign. Sky Williamson provided pictures, documents, contacts etc. to build the website so that society would learn about Tony and get involved with trying to save him and have accurate information to do so.
    Dorson does not have a clue to what all has been done since 2008 or where we stand today. Some of the FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN members joined Dorson’s group as I have always suggested taking part in everything concerning Tony. When they would make suggestions or try to inform him of what has already been done and or suggest new ideas he would kick them out of the group.
    Dorson is convinced that he is going to befriend Michael Sandlin and that is how he is going to get him to release Tony. Michael Sandlin is playing Dorson like a puppet. Sandlin has always felt that others should help him take care of Tony while he sits in the parking lot of a truck stop. Tony’s trucker friends have heard it all and bring the information back to us.
    His side kick Tracy is just as oblivious about the whole situation concerning Tony but acts as if he is going to make a difference.
    Everybody knows that In Louisiana, the nation’s most corrupt state, fraud is just good entertainment. Tony was found in January of 2008 and even with laws on the books and numerous violations of the AWA Laws Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Davidson, Iberville Parish President Mr. Ourso and The Humane Society Of Louisiana {Dorson, Executive Director} continue to allow the states display of animal cruelty off of I-10 exit 139 in Grosse Tete. {Iberville Parish}
    Furthermore to clear up the confusion Dee DeSantis is not part of the FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN she is someone that cares about Tony and therefore has helped keep attention on Tony by using our name to create blogs and other pages for him. We thank her for that because no matter who you are if you keep spreading the information then there will always be hope for Tony. If you have as much time as she does and you are computer savvy feel free to do the same for Tony.
    There can never be too many groups/pages/blogs/write ups for this tiger that suffers every minute of each day.
    The “motto” for the FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN is ‘Until his last breath’ which means it takes sincere commitment to help Tony.

  21. Linda says:

    I read a comment made by Michael Sandlin on one of website where he is quoted as saying “that tiger is not going anywhere” see this link for the whole article:-

    He is also quoted as saying that he is prepared to move a trailer onto the property if need be. See this link for the whole article:-

    Since the court made its decision a flashing “tiger” sign has appeared at the truck stop.

    I am very worried that Michael Sandlin may stop feeding Tony and will allow him to die and then he will be able to have him stuffed and put in a prominent place in his Cajun restaurant at the truck stop alongside the white tiger that he had stuffed some years ago.

    I appreciate all the great work that the ALDF has done for Tony, but unfortunately it is not over until Tony is out of the truck stop and in a safe place away from Michael Sandlin.

  22. Kelli Murphy says:

    The sad part is he CAN’T be moved now. Sandlin is an *** for making Tony suffer, but sadly the permit wasn’t revoked, just not allowed to be renewed.
    I’m hoping the ALDF has luck in getting Tony moved right now, but that fight is still going on.

  23. Doris Overstreet says:

    We can only hope there is some compassionate person near Tony’s location who is willing to keep an eye on his welfare and get the word out if things should go awry between now and December – abuse, neglect, malnutrition, health issues, flooding possibilities, sale to some 3rd party – all of these things need to be monitored by some person willing to play it cool and stop by on the pretense of visiting the truck stop on a regular basis. If the law refuses to do what is right and what is best for Tony, then people have to watch over him.

  24. Lillian says:

    I just spoke with animal control in Baton Rouge, La…and tried to place a complaint about Tony, and to my dismay, the man I spoke with said that there was nothing that he could do about it, he continued to say that the enclosure is not that small, and that this Tiger is being well kept….So I asked him, how would you like to have been put in such an enclosure as a child and kept there all these years as a side show, and in a glum way he responded that if he had been in this enclosure all of his life he wouldn’t know the difference…..What a fool, and he works for Animal Control? As I understand the owner of this facility, Michael Sandlin, by court order, to transport this beautiful animal to a sanctuary….There is a wild animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida called “BIG CAT RESCUE”,directed by Ms. Carole Baskin, which as I’ve researched is a very good place for Tony….Let’s gather our hearts to have this beautiful animal transferred to, if not this place, to another one of equal quality…..

  25. MA Moore says:

    I would like to see this magnificent animal’s future secured at a reputable sanctuary like PAWS (Performing Animals Welfare Society). Who will be doing the follow up on Tony after his release? He deserves to retire at PAWS!

  26. Inna says:

    I hope TONY will live soon in the environment he was destined to live in from his birth.. I pray for this gorgeous Tiger!

  27. Kara says:

    Its all too obvious and sad that the courts and authorities do not find the same compassion and humane treatment as important as the rest of us. It mind-boggling how many there are out there that lack compassion for animals. Its heartless, and cruel to abuse or neglect any of god’s creatures. Thank you for all you relentless hard work and please keep up the fight for Tony and others!

  28. Kathy Kron says:

    Who are the members of the court that are being so difficult and uncooperative? Can we write to them directly to voice our concerns? Seems to be the typical “good ole boys club” the south is so dubiously well-known for. I’d hate to think that it will be these very individuals who show so little concern for Tony’s welfare be the ones who determine his final disposition – they aren’t capable (due to their obvious ignorance and sheer lack of compassion)to make this decision. Please provide a link for the thousands of us who would like to write/sign a petition directly addressed to the “powers that be”. They need to know that their position on this issue is not held in high regard by a decent, compassionate and informed public. Thank you, Kathy

  29. Catherine W. says:

    Thank you, ALDF, for not allowing this beautiful creature to be forgotten and to slip silently into oblivion. He is one of so many, but each victory is an important one. We must never give up.

  30. Jeanne Wurst says:

    Thank you for all you have done to save poor Tony from the life of hell he is currently living. I just can’t comprehend how anyone can be so without compassion for a living creature who is visibly suffering. This could end now with the wave of a gavel. God have mercy on your souls when your judgement day comes. My heart aches for you Tony and I pray for the day you are truly free!!

  31. Martha Diaz says:

    Yes, I agree that we need to make an exception and get Tony free much sooner.
    Shambala Sanctuary in Acton CA would be a wonderful place for Tony,if Tippi has room. or
    Good luck Tony, we all love you.

  32. Leslie Cannon says:

    I hope there is no possibility of the owner harming him to get some kind of revenge against all the signers of the petitions and the law suit. Another abusive owner of a small zoo threatened to sell his lion to a taxidermist rather than give him up and I am afraid of something like that happening to Tony. Is there any kind of injunction against that kind of action?

  33. Al Vosylius says:

    It’s nonsense that the tiger cannot be taken away.
    Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries can confiscate the tiger on the basis of cruelty to animals now. They don’t seem to have the political guts to take this step.

  34. Doug says:

    It is quite clear that the court does NOT put Tony’s welfare first. Simply because they did not release him now and also that they did not give them to Animal Legal Defense Fund. IF they were concerned, why not? ALDF is the BEST chance for Tony. The courts just don’t give a damn and just gave in to relieve the public pressure on them.

    Your good work may all be in vane. When dealing with Idiots, you get Idiotic results.

  35. fingers crossed that A. you can get tony moved quicker, and B that who ever moves him will listen to your advise as to where he goes.

  36. Mariam Willis says:

    Dear Tony, know that thousand and thousand are concerned and anxious to see you out of this awful environment and this terrible cage! Know that the ALDF is on your side and will continue their outstanding work to get you out of there! Know that we will not rest until you are taken care of. Know that we all want to see you in a beautiful grassy place with a lot of room for you to roam, stretch, swim, sleep, a tree trunk to plant your claws in…we want you to be healthy, well fed and peaceful…we want you to meet other Tigers and find yourself….May this beautiful request come true for you Tony…Hang on, don’t give up, we will get you free, that’s your future, it will be! <3<3<3

  37. Gillian Miller says:

    Kudos to Sky Williamson who started all of this and I’m thrilled that Tony finally has the opportunity to go to somewhere like the Big Cat Rescue in Miami which has been involved in trying to release him.

    I can only hope that the DWF will cancel the permit but, I suspect, that to do so will be a loss of face and an admission of being wrong so that it is extremely unlikely.

    This whole affair has been a farce from start to finish and just shows how little anyone cared about the law including the various government departments. The people involved should be investigated and any appropriate punishment up to and including dismissal acted on.

    Tony is not the only tiger to suffer like this and I hope that the government passes legislation to stop wild animals being held in captivity.

  38. BB Hoyt says:

    The judge has some “connections” with the owner of Tony The Tiger. He did not even want to rule against the truck stop but was under pressure to do so. The judges ruling is “weak” and ambigious and by not giving ALDF control of Tony, shows his unwillingness to act in the tigers best interest! Look for a another bad decision by this judge sending Tony to another road side zoo or carnival etc. Right now he is in “secret” meetings and discussions with the truck stop owner and other “murkey” people who are only looking at $$$ to be gained by having Tony in their posession. I am afraid Tony will NOT wind up at a Tiger Sanctuary and his well being is not the courts main concern. If this judge was on the up and up and had Tony’s well being first and foremost in his mind he would have cancelled the permit, allowed the tiger to be examined by a vet and removed to an exoctic cat sanctuary already! But he did not and that says it all. I am afraid Tony is not going to get a better home out of this “weak” court ruling from judge who is NOT an animal lover at all ! He is an elected offical and wants to get re-elected by that local community, so he is NOT going to step on many peoples toes. The truck stop is a big financial in-put to that community and can make re-election hard for this judge. But, I wish Tony GOOD LUCK!

  39. Shirley says:

    So I say the judge should be put in a cage. Just until Dec. No big deal, right?

  40. Eileen Novak says:

    Thank you ALDF. Animal rights activists have been sending petitions and letter for too long. Your involvement put the “teeth” into our pleas, which prompted change.
    Yes, I also wish Tony were free today, but an end in sight is a ray of sunshine.

    Your Appreciative Fan,

    Eileen A. Novak

  41. Martin Walzek says:

    How about sending a million mails to this “judge”, his owner and all possibly involved?
    Expressing the united disagreement in no uncertain terms. Mail flooding would be a strong pressure tool. Telephone, Fax too.
    This is a farce and all this criminals, including the “owner” should be forced to spend a long time in Tony´s soon empty cage!They should be exposed as what they are and have done. December is inacceptable and only to silence the people and letting grow grass over it. Tony has to be released NOW and to the best possible caretakers also, not decided by heartless judges which do not care anyway.

  42. sara lima says:


  43. Laura says:

    Is it possible for someone to pay Tony’s current owner to relinquish him early?

  44. Julia Anne Tawyea says:

    I know and Thank You for helping and winning in this battle, but this breaks my heart.. Tony needs to be seen and watched constantly to make sure that this idiot who “owns” Tony does not do anything to harm him.. Tony also needs medical care and a complete check up (and not just one that a vet shows up at the truck stop and visits him for a few minutes.. The vet needs to take him to an animal medical center to be completely examined.. No one knows how his lung are with all the exhaust he has breathed in for so long.. He also needs vitamins and a complete diet (I bet he is under weight and lacking in nutrition)… The idiot (and I’m using that word to be light on him) has abused this beautiful tiger for many years.. Tony needs to be taken to a wonderful sanctuary, and not some fly-by-night place out of the way where they can do whatever they want to him.. No way will his “owner” find a decent place and is a danger to Tony.. Please.. Help Tony more.. I know that you can do little, but with that idiot keeping him like that for so long, there must be a judge who cares more for animals than the one who presided over this ruling and will know you are looking out for Tony and his well being 10000% more than the idiot who “owned” him for all these years…

  45. Phyllis says:

    LA is the most backward and corrupt state in the union. They are a bunch of hooligan good ‘ol boys who feel it’s their way or the highway. This is primarily why people didn’t rush to help after Katrina or the oil spill. They are in bed with the oil companies but squeal when bit in the ass by them. Even they can not escape universal law however, and they will get back what they put out concerning Tony. Trouble is they are too greedy and ignorant to see the error of their ways. Oh well…and here comes the next great flood. Hopefully Tony will not drown too. Payback’s a bitch!

  46. god put these creatures on this earth long before human,s ,so human,s just think they can be so cruel and heartless,oh it,s just a dog ,ohit,s snake ,ohit,s just wolf ,i could go on and on and on.i am of native american descent.all animal,s are sacred. look what happened to the buffalo,the powerful wolf ,and even human,s own pet,s maybe the reached human,s that think killing and little dont hurt the animal,s should be treated the way they treat the animal,s .put them in a cage for a home ,sleeping in there own wast ,turn them out in the wood,s and shoot them for sport and mount them on wall,s ,.the punishment for the human should fit the punishment he the that put a big smile on my face .if you hunt to put food on your table not a trophy.if you cant love you pet like family ,dont get one .they do understand what you say and when you turnaround and kick your pet it,s wondering what did i do .human,s get pissed off and take it out on their pet,s .i have no and i mean no sympathy for human,s but for all living animals

  47. Richard dames says:

    Permit! Permit! That’s not a permit issued by the CORRUPT dept of fisheries and wildlife.
    They paid the CORRUPT judge to shut up and also got paid by DFW a back hand because they’re in cahoots with each other.They meet on the golf course, The ABUSER of the TIGER pays a corrupt DFW offical some money and the TIGER gets a LIFE sentence of TORTURE, PAIN and SUFFERING.
    That’s not a PERMIT!!! It’s a life sentence.
    The CORRUPT judge gets heat from YOU guys, he runs to DFW, they contact the ABUSER and another back hand gets given to keep the abuser happy and continue getting away with murder.
    You guys have a Constitution to protect peoples rights.
    Where in your constitution is there a provisor made for ANIMAL RIGHTS!!!!!
    LAW! What LAW. It’s a JOKE and a FARCE!!!

  48. Tahoe Leigh says:

    This poor animal has suffered so long now and therefore I fid it quite unbelievable that there isn’t an authority that can step in and transfer Tony to an acceptable establishment NOW!I hope and pray that this can be resolved immediately.

  49. Clyde Williams says:

    It’s too bad that this jackass judge and Mr. Sandlin can’t be placed in that cage together and Tony released to a reputable sanctuary.
    Even better, eliminate both of these heartless jerks “with extreme prejudice” as we used to say in Viet-Nam. Too bad it’s illegal to do that. Just and right, but illegal!

  50. janwhiteley says:

    This is all so heartbreaking. I too am so concerned that Sandlin will do something to Tony. Here in the UK there is an organisation called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where inspectors can take an animal away from the owner if it is being mistreated. Surely there is such an organisation in America. If so they should just go in and rescue him – to hell with the permit. This animal’s health and wellbeing is more important.

  51. Gail Franco says:

    I pray all that does harm to Gods animal will have to feel the pain they have cause seven times over as surly as the sun set and the moon raises. The old ones still cry tears for what the white man has done.

  52. Nadine File says:

    He can.t live NOT until December in this Home.

    I hope they NOT change one.s mind.
    What they do whom Tony NOT survive it
    It.s terrible and NOT fair.

    FREE TONY THE TIGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT.S CRUELTY TO ANIMALS !!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Jenifer says:

    ALDF, Please make sure that Tony ends up in a better place. Could the current owner sell him or put him in a worse situation? Please, has ALDF researched next steps?????!!!!!!
    Some of the possible sanctuaries are even questionable… i.e., Big Cat Rescue – check out all the complaints on line about CEO Carole Bascomb/Carole Lewis – very suspicious.

  54. Michelle Strorace says:

    I am VERY concerned that Toni could be sold by his owner to one of those places that confined animals are hunted for sport. Is this possible?

  55. Marian Talpas says:

    Please don’t give the owner any ideas! That is one of the worst things I can think of. How sad that his present owner will be allowed to keep him till December. I hope he has enough compassion for the creatures of this world to let Toni go early, so that he can live his last years at peace. There is a wonderful syntuary in Texas called In Sync. I know it is great, because I’ve volunteered there. There is shade, large size enclosures, a huge play area and a large pool for tigers to play in. There is so much love you can feel it when you go there. The vet care is wonderful as well. Please Mr Owner, don’t let this become a battle of wills. Be a kind person and let Toni go now.

  56. Christa Babst says:

    If Tony ever gets out of this horrible Truck Stop you should recommend he goes to PAWS in Northern California. it is a beautiful sanctuary for exotic animals.

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