Animals Need Lawyers—and Animals Need You!

Posted by Ian Elwood, ALDF Online Editor on June 27, 2014


ALDF works though the legal system to improve the lives of animals. We file lawsuits, we advise lawmakers, we help catch animal abusers, and we educate the next generation of animal lawyers—all with the goal of protecting animals.

When people are faced with the animal suffering ALDF works so hard to eliminate, we always get the same question. What can I do? The answer? A lot.

You certainly don’t need a law degree to help animals. Do you rescue dogs? Have you adopted a companion animal? Thank you for all that you do! We know how hard animal lovers work to help animals.

Now join us in taking another step to protect animals from harm! We have created a comprehensive Cruelty-Free Resource Guide to help show you what you can do to protect animals through the daily choices you make. The good news is that it’s easier now than it ever has been before to make animal-friendly choices about what you eat, what you wear, and how you live. Check out our Cruelty-Free Resource Guide for great tips, recipes, personal care products, and other resources to reduce your impact on animals.


It’s easy, and we’re here to help!

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2 thoughts on “Animals Need Lawyers—and Animals Need You!

  1. nora coyle says:

    I am an LCSW in Orange County, CA and have done some animal assisted therapy, and have been an advocate for over 30 years. I thought I might be a good candidate to help rescues evaluate prospective fosters/owners, and do follow up to ensure that it is working out in the best interest of the dog. If you have any ideas of who and how I might be of assistance, I’d welcome your feedback.

  2. Fatma kamel says:

    We are the animals lawyers!

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