Animal Testing and the Law

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF's Staff Writer on August 2, 2013

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Every year, millions of animals are exploited in biomedical, aeronautic, automotive, military, agricultural, and cognitive research, and in consumer product testing in the U.S. An estimated 95% of these animals are not protected by the law. These tests often amount to legally-sanctioned animal abuse.

So why is the law failing animals?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund presents a brand new leaflet called “Animal Testing and the Law.” This glossy, full-color brochure presents a highly researched synopsis of the status of animal exploitation in laboratories today. Inside the pages you will learn:

 Are these tests necessary?

What about the rest of the world?

What You Can Do!

  • Contact your legislators and ask that laws protecting animals be enhanced and followed.
  • Contact your alma mater, urging it to adopt humane teaching methods.
  • Sign ALDF’s Model Ordinance for Great Apes.
  • Avoid commercial products from companies that test on animals. Use alternatives.

And distribute this leaflet! Animal Testing and the Law is perfect for distribution at events, medical schools, law schools, local bookstores and libraries! By sharing this leaflet, you speak up for animals!

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9 thoughts on “Animal Testing and the Law

  1. rachelle says:

    I vow to always check labels. no animal testing or cruelty. I am vegan and I do all I can with all the petitions, phone calls and signatures needed to try to make change.
    this is so wrong and makes me so sad and sick to know this happens. People that don’t want to know or who don’t care are sick as well, it’s our duty as a human being and as a member of society to protect all living beings, including especially these that have no voice of their own.
    Thank you for your help and please don’t stop this wonderful work.

  2. Donna Durenberger says:

    It should be a crime to use animals for testing and I do not want my tax money to be used for it. Stop it NOW!!!!

  3. Patricia Kirchen says:

    As advanced as technology is, it is time to let the animals be animals, our DNA is not the same, let them live their lives, stop the Frankenstein torture, in the natural they don’t smoke they don’t get tubes shoved down their snouts, they aren’t kept in cages they get to grow up with their parents and by the way the animal parents are better at parenting then humans. Don’t tie them up and slice them open and fill them with toxins and we do have cadavers for that. Don’t practice slicing and dicing on animals just to learn how to be a Dr. any citizen would be fined and jailed if they did what you are doing. Just stop the insanity, keep the tax money, get better tech stuff but PLEASE for Gods sake stop the insanity.

  4. I dont want to pay for this its morally wrong I dont believe in animal research stop waisting money and animals lives stop now let them go

  5. Mary Parada says:

    Can someone provide a list of the companies that perform animal testing? It’d be great information to pass around on facebook.

    1. ALDF says:

      PETA has a guide to companies that don’t test on animals:

  6. Ellen O'Connor says:

    There is no excuse for using animals in experiments when there are, and have been for decades, better ways to do research. You are morally and scientifically bankrupt to steal taxpayer dollars for repititive and pointless research.

  7. Vivian says:

    I don’t understand the torture I know they even put bleach in rabbits eyes for what reason. These poor animals have no voice and we MUST sto this now. It makes me so sick to know that they are in so much pain. Open heart surgery no pain killer? Proving what that humans can have that done with no pain killers? I would love to bust them all and let the animals free. So very sad that this is allowed. How can people actually look them in the eye and torture them. They all will go to hell for that I hope so anyway. What can we do to stop this

  8. lisa lammon says:

    please stop hurting the animals

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