ALDF Salutes Legal Professionals Nationwide

Posted by Pamela Hart, Director of ALDF's Animal Law Program on January 18, 2011

The Animal Legal Defense Fund would never be able to use the law to advance the interests of animals without the support of legal professionals nationwide. In a series of spotlights, ALDF’s Animal Law Program salutes the attorneys winning the case against cruelty.

These spotlights feature a diverse range of work and interests including, but not limited to: passion for compassion through humane education, drafting an amicus curiae brief on behalf of 52 animal law professors from across the country, urging the United States Supreme Court to recognize the prevention of animal cruelty as a compelling governmental interest, quietly working behind the scenes as a firm pro bono coordinator and counsel dedicating firm hours to animal law related issues, teaching animal law and coaching students for the Harvard Law School’s National Animal Advocacy Closing Argument Competition hosted by the Center for Animal Law Studies in collaboration with ALDF, founding a Legal Center for Children & Animal Welfare, contributing to ALDF’s work by joining our team of legal bloggers, and assisting ALDF with high impact litigation to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

These are just a few examples of how one dedicated attorney can make a substantial and meaningful difference in the lives of animas. If you are interested in exploring the numerous ways to make significant contributions to the animal law field, consider becoming an ALDF Volunteer Attorney Member!

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