Ag Gag Legislation Exposed

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on March 7, 2012

She is nameless. Only a yellow plastic tag piercing her ear identifies her as "5489." A dairy farm worker brutally hits her over the head with a metal pipe. Then again, and again. She lets out a heart wrenching scream and falls to the ground. He repeatedly kicks her in the head as she struggles to stand. She bellows in pain, but the abuse doesn’t stop.

Tragically, this is the sad reality at some factory farms in the United States. Animals are abused, tortured, and neglected, and food safety precautions are disregarded, all in the name of profit — and just last week, Iowa passed a law so no one will ever find out. Legislators in several other states are also trying to pass similar laws which will endanger the public by exposing them to dangerous diseases and bacteria, such as E. coli.

Promoted by the corporate agriculture lobby, so-called "ag gag" laws would make it illegal to photograph or videotape at agricultural facilities, and in some cases to possess or distribute such evidence. Their goal is insidious: to prevent consumers from ever seeing the animal abuse and food safety violations that are common practice behind factory farm gates.

That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working hard to prevent factory farmers from hiding the truth. ALDF’s Protect Your Food Act is a proposed law designed to minimize the risk to citizens of contracting food-borne illnesses by prohibiting state governments from purchasing or distributing food products from any jurisdiction that passes an ag gag law.

Protect your food and farmed animals by donating today. Ag gag laws are a real threat to the animals already suffering in miserable conditions on factory farms. ALDF’s Protect Your Food Act will encourage jurisdictions to speak out on their behalf and provide millions of animals with real protections by posing a tough legislative challenge to ag gag laws.

Curb corporate agriculture’s appetite for deception. Donate today.

2 thoughts on “Ag Gag Legislation Exposed

  1. Michelle says:

    I truly hope Iowa’s law gets overturned. Utah is trying to do the same thing. WHY are people abusing animals on factory farms?? I don’t get. I know I’d never be able to be an undercover agent who has to go anywhere and videotape the abuse of animals. I would put someone in the hospital. These abusers will go straight to hell. And they either don’t know, or don’t care. These animals were put on this earth to keep “man” company. Not to be tortured, killed or used as testing guinea pigs!!! These kinds of actions to innocent animals really gets my blood boiling!!!

  2. Sandra McGee says:

    Hopefully this law will somehow be reversed. It does NOT make sense to me why anyone would want to hide such abuse. Or why anyone would abuse a harmless animal in such a manner. Please fight these horrid laws. And really – people ….. who’s the guilty party here anyways??? What harm do people do by calling out abusers???? It is all GREED.
    Animals have been subject to greed since money & man have been around. But with organizations like ALDF we have some kind of hope.
    Thank You ADLF.

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