Action, Not Despair, Will Help Animals

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on March 19, 2007

When you look at the statistics regarding animal abuse, it can be disheartening. There is a lot of animal cruelty in our society. And then there are the five million dogs and cats killed at pounds every year simply because too many people don’t spay/neuter. And the 10 billion farmed animals killed every year, most of whom lived lives of misery on factory farms. Then there are the animals subject to cruel and unnecessary cosmetics testing . . . the list is, indeed, long. But despair doesn’t help animals.

One way to combat despair is to focus on the positive things that are happening. And there are many. For ALDF, we can celebrate the result of our ALDF v. Yost lawsuit and the chimpanzees who will live out the rest of their lives in sanctuaries as a result. (Yost denies the allegations; Statement of Settlement.) And the 325 dogs liberated from a horrific puppy mill by ALDF v. Woodley. Beyond ALDF, there are groups and individuals across the country rescuing animals, caring for them, changing laws and making a difference. Just this week, the state of New Mexico, thanks to thousands of caring people who got involved, banned cruel cockfighting forever which leaves only one state in which this remains legal. This is all progress to be celebrated and makes a real difference for animals.

But the best way to combat despair about the sad plight of too many animals in our society is to get involved. Whether you walk dogs at the local shelter, join a local animal protection group, send money to an organization whose work you support, or write letters on behalf of animals to your elected officials, these actions will not only help animals; they will help you. Because, as someone once said, “Action, is the antidote for despair.”

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