A Visit With Kangaroos

Posted by Joyce Tischler, ALDF's Founder and General Counsel on August 14, 2010

Join ALDF Founder & General Counsel Joyce Tischler as she tours
Australia with Voiceless, the animal protection institute, for the 2010 Animal Law Lecture Series.

I’m tired; I’m soggy, but I’ve had a truly wonderful day. When I awoke this morning, I saw that it was raining hard, a cold and blustery winter’s day here in Adelaide. I thought that my one chance to see kangaroos had slipped away, due to the inclement weather. But, the Hon. Ian Hunter M.L.C. a Labor Member of Parliament, took pity on this poor American woman and drove me to a place where kangaroos reside.

Joyce with The Honorable Ian Hunter and Professor David BamfordFirst, we stopped for breakfast at the Adelaide Central Market, a huge and fascinating market where one could probably wander for the entire day; I feasted on muesli and soy milk. Fortified, we headed out of the city in search of kangaroos. After two weeks of visiting Australia and spending all of my time in cities, I yearned to see this country’s national icon. We found them in a wildlife area where they are protected from hunting. It was raining quite hard, so we decided to duck inside for a hot cup of tea (tea is served very hot over here).  

Joyce feeding a kangarooWhen the rain lightened, we ventured out and there they were. I felt a thrill at seeing them–a “mob” (group) of kangaroos. We had some snacks for the roos and one brave fellow approached us. He stood quite near to us and ate snacks from our hands. He even allowed me to scratch his rain soaked head. Watching the other roos hopping on those powerful hind legs is something that I will never forget. We walked around for awhile, watching the roos from a distance, and then headed back to the city.

As if that wasn’t enough, we stopped for lunch at Bliss Organic Café, Compton Street in Adelaide and I had (no exaggeration) the world’s best tofu scramble. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of tofu scramble; it always seems a bit “off.” But, at Bliss, the tofu scramble is a scrumptious mix of potatoes, mushrooms, bits of spinach, finely grated tofu, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, dried cranberries and spices. If you get to Adelaide, don’t miss a trip to Bliss.

My Australian adventure is winding down, as I head back to Sydney for a few final meetings and then, the long trip home. Cheers!

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