A Special Message from California Senator Dean Florez

Posted by Senator Dean Florez, 16th District, California on March 4, 2010

As California’s Senate Majority Leader, I take the job of protecting Californians and their animals very seriously. Experts have proven a strong correlation between violence against animals and incidents of domestic abuse. I believe we should have tough laws in place to protect both people and animals from violence.

That’s why, last week, I was joined by the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Executive Director Stephen Wells in Sacramento to announce that I am sponsoring tough new legislation that will create a public registry for criminals convicted of felony animal abuse.

On the same day, ALDF launched its national campaign to push for animal abuser registries in all 50 states. Contact your own legislator asking for animal abuser legislation where you live at ALDF’s special website, DoNotAdoptList.org.

If someone has been convicted of animal cruelty, I believe they should be prohibited from owning any animals in the future. The animal abuser registry will be an effective tool in preventing ownership of animals by convicted animal abusers.

Like so many Californians, and Americans, my family shares our home with beloved animals – our three rescue dogs, Rusty, Cambria, and Dog-Dog. Families have a right to know if convicted abusers, who so often go on to commit more crimes against animals, or violent crimes against people, are living in their neighborhood.

That’s why I worked with the experts at the Animal Legal Defense Fund to develop the animal abuser registry bill that I announced at the launch of ALDF’s national campaign. Go to the Expose Animal Abusers website to watch the webcast of my February 22 press conference, where I was joined by ALDF in discussing my sponsorship of SB 1277 in California.

We’ll need support in districts across the nation to protect all Americans from repeat offender animal abusers. Sign the petition at ExposeAnimalAbusers.org to show your support today.

One thought on “A Special Message from California Senator Dean Florez

  1. Georgette Madak says:

    I am so impressed with Senator Florez’ support and his willingness to speak out on behalf of animal welfare. I hope that Mr Florez continues to work toward the decency that our American character espouses. I trust that Mr Florez will draw more people into the fight against the barbaric methods of animal farming and euthanasia that plague our nation.

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