A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Purrs

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on October 5, 2012

This blog is part of our "Rescue Tails" blog series. Want to share your animal rescue story? Enter your rescued pet in our Rescue Tails photo contest!

When a friend of mine has a cat-related question, I’m the person she calls. Yeah…I’m that lady. If I showed you the camera roll in my iPhone right now, you’d see about 5% are pics of my human loved ones, 5% scenic vistas and ironic urban happenings, and 90% pics and videos of my cats. Cats in repose in patches of sunlight. Cats playing with their catnip toys. Cats arranged in adorable proximity to each other. To a less artistic eye, many of these photos might seem indistinguishable from each other, but give me just a few hours, and I will happily detail their nuances for you.

I have been the doting mom to three rescued cats, and the full story of my own “rescue tails” could, in my humble opinion, more appropriately take epic book form (pre-order now!). Fifteen years ago, my first cat Seamus, age 5, jumped from his cage at the Providence Animal Rescue League, where I was a volunteer, and into my arms. That warm summer night at my apartment on Medway Street, after exploring every nook and cranny of his new digs, Seamus leapt up onto the couch, settled himself down on my chest, and began purring. It was the most exquisite little weight upon my heart.

A few months later, we moved to California, Seamus in a specialty carry-on bag beneath my feet on our cross-country flight. A couple of years after that, now a volunteer at the San Francisco SPCA, I would bring home Theo, a frightfully shy tuxedo guy, afraid of everyone, myself included. It would take many years for Theo to slowly come out of his shell with people–but his love for Seamus was immediate and absolute, and about a decade of my life is documented almost exclusively by photos of the two in various states of snuggle.

Snuggle cats

After Seamus died, it was bringing home rambunctious Gus from Oakland Animal Services that healed my heart. I got the impression he had been waiting patiently in his clean but small cage for the months he had been there, confident that he would finally be unleashed on a world full of toys and playful photo-ops. Smart kitty.

Now that the sun is casting its familiar October light through the shortening days, I know that it’s once again time to start brainstorming the art direction of my annual holiday card. Theo and Gus are ready for their close-ups.

Please send us your own photos and rescue tails, and your animal can star on ALDF’s 2012 holiday card! The deadline for entry is today!


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