A New Tool for Combatting Animal Cruelty

Posted by Lora Dunn, ALDF Staff Attorney on August 20, 2014

Today, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is proud to announce its partnership with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) in launching the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse (NLECAA). Kicking off in August 2014, the NLECAA will be a go-to information clearinghouse and forum for law enforcement nationwide who seek assistance with animal cruelty prevention and investigation strategies. The Center will draw together resources from organizations around the country, such as ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program, to bring law enforcement the tools needed to successfully combat animal cruelty where they live, as well as raise awareness about the realities of animal abuse.


ALDF has long applauded NSA for making animal crimes a priority, and highlighting the Link between violence to human and animal victims alike. Just last month, ALDF joined NSA in advocating for the collection of animal cruelty data in the FBI’s crime reporting system—a significant step toward the investigation and prevention of these crimes that was unanimously approved by the FBI’s internal committee.

ALDF salutes NSA and its Deputy Executive Director, John Thompson, for bringing these important resources to law enforcement through the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse!

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42 thoughts on “A New Tool for Combatting Animal Cruelty

  1. Mary LaValley says:

    This is wonderful news and I’m looking forward to the roll -out with information on how to report. Thank you!

    1. wendy g says:

      Mary….I hope you will be sharing all this info

  2. patricia marr says:

    I am so grateful they are finally doing some thing about animal cruelty .thank God

  3. Sheila Kim says:

    Yes, this is great news. It’s about time. Animal cruelty has to be stop.. Someone has to protect them from all evil humans.. Thank you! .

  4. Your site/tool for reporting should include animal neglect as well. Some people should just not own a pet.

  5. Tina E says:

    When will the shirts be ready to buy!

  6. lavinia Rojas says:

    Cruelty is rampant. This is critical!

  7. Darcy Berard says:

    This is great. Finally something that might just work. Peanut is cute. We all need to speak up. For our kids too. For all those unable to speak for themselves. Cruelty must be stopped. It’s barbaric.

  8. Gloria Laster says:

    I live in East Texas. Henderson county. I’m out of city limits and we get NO help at all from the law. I have had them tell me to just shoot strays before. I swear to God! I go through at LEAST 50 lbs of food a WEEK feeding strays down the road from me. Asked for help from any organization I can think of. We need to find out how to push HARD for no kill. There are so many uncaring people here. Just don’t know what to do anymore. Does the Sheriffs Department HAVE to request help before it can happen here???

    1. Mary Woerner says:

      Contact rescues and shelters in the city and they should be able to help you with assistance or guide you in the right direction, bless your heart for helping those furbabies

  9. salim says:

    I fight against animal cruelty in mumbai
    Visit http://www.pawaindia.org

    Currently I operate in city mumbai india

  10. Anne Grice says:

    Thank you for this powerful positive initiative in the continuing fight against animal cruelty. It is desperately needed and couldn’t come soon enough.
    Looking forward to seeing results!

  11. Linda Thomas says:

    This is great! And long overdue!

  12. Mrs. Paulette Archuleta says:

    I would like to say thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to make all of this hard work become a reality to help all animals in need. I will continue to help save as many animals from abuse as I can for this mission is not over yet but I will continue on for the sake of all animals. Mrs. Paulette Archuleta.

  13. karen lowe says:

    At last a voice for all animals,shame it never came sooner.

  14. Cheryl Stinar says:

    This is great news. I am happy that people are seeing there is Animal Cruelty, and it happens daily, and constantly. We as humans, need to step up and stop this from going on. Make animal abusers accountable!

  15. Steve C says:

    So very happy to see this! Thank you for this important step and tool!

  16. Cheryl Bell says:

    My question is this: when another dog in the neighborhood attacks ( for the third time) my dogs in my yard, is that considered animal abuse. I have contacted the sheriff and Missouri statutes do not protect innocent domestic pets from other dogs. Can you help me? The last attack was in my front yard. Each attack is bad enough that a trip to the vet and much suffering was to be had for my two little shelter dogs. Thank you.

  17. Debbie Reynolds says:

    Its about time. What can i do?

  18. Weisha says:

    Please let us know a number / email at which to report abuse to this wonderful new resource.

  19. Laura Beth Slitt says:

    It would be very useful if society narrowed it’s own double standards and human centric laws that amend states animal cruelty statutes to allow accepted forms of animal abuse such as hunting, farmed animal production, research on them, and other forms af abuse not protected under state and federal laws. It would be profoundly helpful if we asked 4H, State Fish and Game Departments, and other “animal enterprizes” protected by the double standards, to consider the emotional and psychological tearing of the heart of the child by this moral schizophrenia backed by laws. In my state, they have “pig scrambles” at the Fryeburg Fair that allow children to let loose on infant pigs, chase them, pounce on them, grab them anywhere, to then stuff the screaming babies into grain sacs….while adults cheer this bullying on. What lesson does this impart besides bullying and using force to subdue another being who is incapable of escape. Sound like something else?

  20. That’s nice. But are the cops going to get trained on how NOT to kill a family pet?????

    1. Rebecca Schwebel says:

      Amen Michelle!

  21. Mary says:

    There is a differance between animal cruelty and someone how loves animals and makes the effort to make sure stray cats are fixed and fed. There again is a differance between animal cruelty and someone that takes in dogs that are going to be put down if they don’t. And then a neighbor calls animal control and they are treated like a criminal. I love animals I have had pets all my life. I post pictures on my facebook of dogs that need help every single day. I would never hurt an animal or mistreat it. Yet I am being torn apart by animal control. You want people to take in animals. I hear it all the time. Yet, you are more than willing to punish an animal lover because she had a heart and didn’t want any of them hurt. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. virginia says:

    I just saw a heart wrenching video on facebook of a dog being tortured by some thug..i could not watch the whole thing..how do we find these people..is there somewhere i can forward this to?

  23. cindi says:

    i know there is some one out there that can go get that poor dog out that cage.in ohio, why would the people not surrender this poor animal, ab why is that idoi have right to tell people to quit caring, he needs to be remove from his position an put in a cage.

  24. Bob Scibana says:

    The last commentor is correct. Law enforcement itself has a seriously bad record of killing animals unesscesarily themselves. Until trigger happy cops are trained better or are held responsible for their actions thus is a non story as usual. LAWS need changed. More useless organizations like NLECAA are just that…useless. And usually are just fronts for donations that go into pockets.

  25. Annell Grant says:

    How do we help K9 Officer Nyx get justice for his death? He was left in his patrol car for 6 hrs without food water or ventilation and died! His partner Officer Zachary Miller being charged with a misdeamenor. Not felonony animal cruelty and not felonony homicide to a fellow law officer! Mills,Wy

  26. summer says:

    I need help on how to report animal abuse. I have reported it in my area with animal control and law enforcement and they are doing nothing. I rescued the dog and still have him. When I got him he was severely beaten and starved almost to death. I have photos and messages as proof. Please help. I want this people to pay for this is not the first nor will it be the last time they do this. I have rescued 2 other dogs from the same people! They still have many dogs and cats in their possession and I can’t rescue them all…. Help please!!!!

  27. Maureen Allen says:

    Eagerly awaiting the Press Release to distribute to local TV and newspaper! The announcement of such a step focuses local attention on the horror most people feel for animal victims and the true justice we demand for their abusers. (I imagine ALDF has charges and penalties in its sights as well.)

  28. Dawn says:

    This is wonderful but until the police/AC are actually willing to DO something it doesn’t really matter.
    I reported a starving horse with no food or shelter with a halter growing into its head twice, a friend also reported it more than once. That horse died because AC/the police in this area (central AR) do NOTHING. I know this is not the only area in the country where police and animal control are overwhelmed and can’t/won’t do anything. How do we fix that?

    1. Nora Weiss says:

      what about wild animals,birds? Who take care abaut them. Coldhearters- just punishing people, who feeding them. They exist, it’s means need eat, specialy Winter time? Shame.

    2. Cindy Weaver says:

      its time too STOP Animal Abuse Once and for All!! The AHs that run the mills and fighting rings need to be punished with Prison time just like they did the Poor puppies then get probation and fine with a felony abuse mark and never be around animals again!!

  29. C.C. Wellman says:

    Thank you all more than words can express!!

  30. emelie renaud says:

    I live in Québec province in canada and I am agains all cruelty of any animal and I think the person who do anything bad to an animal should go in prison !

  31. I doubt very much if my county would even be interested in this program when it comes out. Our county has one of the biggest kill shelters around. The majority that walk through their doors never walk back out. They even hide the strays in locked wards so the owners can’t find them. I’d give anything to see the witch running that place leave state, because until shes gone it will never get better. I’ve been rescuing cats all my life and I’m really not the biggest cat fan but I cant bare to see them out in the cold or hungry. If I had all the money I’ve spent getting them fixed and feeding them through the years I’d be a millionaire today. But theirs no way I can look the other way when there outside my door crying. And that doesn’t even count the dogs I’ve taken in. But I wouldn’t change a thing because I truly believe thats my mission in life. I just worry what will happen to them when I’m gone cause I know quiet a few of them will out live me. I use to be able to send you guys money every month but now I can barely feed and care for all of the pets let alone eat myself. If I hit the lottery you will get a good chunk of it but I only play a couple times a yr. so dont hold your breath. Good work ALDF you will be rewarded one day I’m sure of that!

  32. cheryl blankenship says:

    This is wonderful, but if the animal is removed from an abuser, what will happen to him or her? Will this mean even more animals will be euthanized or gassed if they don’t find good homes?

  33. Kate says:

    NLECAA is just a start and enforcement is the key. Now you have an organization with a voice that has accountability. It is the public that must hold them accountable, publicly. If you report it and they don’t do anything, speak out and call them out in the media. On the other side, support them and broadcast it when they do save animals and take down the abusers.

    The movement will grow, but not if you sit on the sidelines and wait for others to get it done. Sympathy doesn’t save abused animals, people do.

    This cause is virtually the same as child porn in that 40 years ago the subject was ignored, but it is fast gaining world attention and not being tolerated. The laws are being changed, slowly, but they are steps in the right direction.

    Pester your politicians! Have a public (friendly)protest on the steps of a justice building or government legislature, with 100 or more abandoned and abused dogs and cats to show them why you fight and and who you fight for. The ASPCA and rescue groups are full of them.

    I’m just saying we all need to participate, and change will come. Volunteer for a rescue group near you or vow to do something to have the abused animals’ voices heard. And spread the word, starting with your KIDS that cruelty to animals is not acceptable and punishable by law.

    And if you are an animal or child abusers reading this, BEWARE – because the law is coming for you.

  34. Debbie Meyer says:

    Its about time!!! All the innocent animals that are subjected to cruelty by there so called caretakers should be penalized to the extreme for there actions….no animal should be subjected to cruelty…l

  35. Diana Beall says:

    This is the best news I heard all week. A great step to enforce no tolerance for animal abusers. I’m in.

  36. Jo Ardell says:

    I’ve read so much of PO’s shooting Ppls Dogs and Cats; This must stop – Pets are Family too, if they have one that Loves them.
    Stray Dogs and Cats shouldn’t be “just shot”, either. If injured, sick, or otherwise in need, they deserve Humane Help –

  37. Carol Myers says:

    I am glad to see this as here the local police don’t really go after the criminals as they should. We have a dog who was bond with duck tape and shot in the head and left in a black garbage bag and we still don’t have answers, even if everyone knows who did it. At least crime-stoppers has a poster up but we want justice! It’s on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/keylargopetsitter

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