A Love Story

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on February 26, 2007

As I worked on our Online Wall of Love project, a particular thought kept coming to mind. I find it not only fascinating but miraculous that such tremendous amounts of love can come from terribly tragic situations.

Many of our members who sent in certificates honoring a special animal in their life eloquently expressed the great amounts of love they have for their animal(s). It is clear, people truly love their animals and many feel their lives are some how improved because of a special animal being in their life. Sure, this is no new concept. But the part I find so miraculous is that too many times, the animal that brings this incredible amount of love and joy into a persons life was brought into this world with anything but love in mind.

Take for instance a dog that is being honored on our Online Wall of Love, Kessel-Yates. Kessel was dumped outside of a gas station in a garbage bag with his litter mates as a young pup; an act clearly not out of love. But out of this insensitive, uncompassionate act came tremendous amounts of love. Not only is Kessel a very loved dog now, but he has brought great amounts of love and joy into the lives of his humans. From tragedy came true love. From selfishness came selflessness.

I find this idea of transforming tragedy into love even in my own life. Before I adopted her, my dog, Maggie, was picked up off the streets by animal control when she was just under two. When I adopted her, she would submissively roll over onto her back whenever a person approached her. She would cower when I would go to pet her. She would hide with any little noise. Her actions told a heartbreaking story. But from Maggie’s tragic beginning in life came enormous amounts of love. She is a bright and beautiful ray of sunshine who is a loved and cherished member of my family. Truly, a situation filled with malice and pain transformed into a lifetime of love. Miracles do happen.

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