A Hopeful Turn-of-Events in Kentucky

Posted by Stephan Otto, ALDF's Director of Legislative Affairs on February 1, 2010

Last July, I reported on a new law in Kentucky which had the unintended consequence of prohibiting veterinarians from reporting suspected cases of animal cruelty or fighting – something they had previously been able to do. Despite our repeated efforts to fix the law before it was enacted, the Kentucky Legislature failed to act in time and the law went into effect. Since then, we have continued our efforts to remedy this serious problem and allow veterinarians to once again be able to report suspected cruelty and fighting.

I am happy to report that a new bill (HB238) has just been introduced that will fix the problem and not only restore this vital reporting ability, but give veterinarians important protections from liability for this type of reporting. Hopefully this bill will be the start of a new trend towards better laws protecting animals in the "Bluegrass State" – currently the worst-ranked state in the country for its animal protection laws. 

One thought on “A Hopeful Turn-of-Events in Kentucky

  1. Santina Ramsay says:

    fantastic, love your work, we all need to be on board to remedy this problem. After all we are in the twentith century, need to think better and safer for all who exist here. For purpose with feelings. No more torture. Love the work you have done. the animals thankyou. A lot more work to be done we will have to go hire in the governing chains to get results I am exciting being an editoring and critic.

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