A Disturbing Reminder of the Link Between Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on March 30, 2011

Alerted to a potentially violent situation in Hancock County, West Virginia on March 9, 2011, a SWAT team brought an end to Jeffrey Nally, Jr.’s alleged months-long abuse of his ex-girlfriend. Nally allegedly terrorized the woman by sadistically killing twenty-nine dogs — mostly puppies which he reportedly obtained via classified ads — over an approximately two-month period during which he allegedly kept the woman captive at the property.

"Mutilated, skinned, anything you can imagine," said Chief Deputy Todd Murray of the animals. "After the dogs were killed, he would make her clean up," Murray said. (WTOV TV 9, March 10, 2011)

With Nally facing charges of kidnapping, domestic battery and 29 counts of felony animal cruelty, this case provides a disturbing reminder of the link between cruelty to animals and domestic violence.

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Also, educate your local newspapers and community on the dangers associated with "free to a good home" ads for animals by writing a letter to your local newspaper editor through ALDF’s website.

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2 thoughts on “A Disturbing Reminder of the Link Between Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence

  1. DH says:

    that is just terrible…. the case of cruelty above.

    I would really like to sign everything on your site, esp. the bill of rights for animals, but I’m not an American citizen…

    the problem is global, of course.

    thank you for your work !

  2. Corona says:

    There is a dog boarder in the San Fernando Valley who physically assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to call animal control on a dog his other girlfriend was boarding with him when she broke up with him. His defense when questioned on his illegal practices his to attack those who dare confront him. It is a bully mentality and there are people who buy into the hype and allow his business to continue.

    His website is filled with vile notes that are the rantings of a clearly unbalanced and violent man. He even threatens invisible enemies. Most abusers of all kinds are insecure and paranoid.

    His facility is not up to code, he used to race greyhounds before realizing he could make money on not just boarding dogs, but keeping them in cages without natural light, bedding, and pretending to be a rescue so he could get free employees and donations. Theye excuse the poor conditions claiming that he has been duped and is just a nice guy who wishes he could afford more. (so they pay him and help him as well)

    He has admitted to coming from a violent family and background but has not stopped the cycle. He pretends to play the victim and is very skillful at manipulation like all human and animal abusers.

    The sick thing is the animals cant speak. He locks them up without enough human contact after stealing them from their owners if they dont “pay up” He literally has created feral and mentally unstable dogs and then blames “deadbeats” for abandonment. He of course threatens these owners with violence and death of their pet if he is crossed.

    check the background of anyone who watches or comes in contact with your pet. If my friend had done so, she would have seen his multiple criminal violations in other states as well as warrants, jail time, dui, and the incredible amount of lawsuits brought against him for fraud and breach of contract.

    THe threatening of this girlfriends is similar to the shakedown of clients. Instead of hitting animals like he does to his girls, he neglects them and denies them the most basic needs. THIS IS ABUSE

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