A Closer Look at Wild Horse Roundups

Posted by Carter Dillard, ALDF's Director of Litigation on September 30, 2010

Despite the public’s concern over wild horse roundups, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to blaze forward with roundups across the western United States. Tragically, these roundups often result in the death of or injury to the horses they are said to protect.

The following photos were taken by wild horse advocates during roundups in California and Nevada.

Help stop this massacre of America’s wild horses! Contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators and urge them to:

  • Call on the Interior Department and President Obama to halt the BLM’s summer roundups; and
  • Use their appropriations authority to strip funding for this abusive practice while the National Academy of Sciences conducts its independent review of the program (slated to begin in January 2011).

A group of wild horses run down a steep, rocky slope as a helicopter hovers above.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

A closer look at the wild horses in the California Twin Peaks roundup.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

This stallion was attacked by another stallion after being placed in a temporary holding corral.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

This exhausted infant is less than two weeks old. Her mother stands over her in a temporary holding corral.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

Many horses are injured just before entering the chute as they rear into bars above them in an attempt to escape.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

This horse is very frightened. Fear is evident when horses’ eyes are "wide and white," i.e., when the whites of their eyes can be seen.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

These horses are all stallions forced into a small enclosure during "processing." The horses were in cramped quarters with nowhere to go. They were very stressed after being rounded up and separated from their families.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

A worker backs up wild horses that were trapped in Lassen County, California in August.
Photo by Hector Amezcua

A helicopter drives the wild horses into a trap where they will be loaded in a trailer and placed in holding facilities.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

14 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Wild Horse Roundups

  1. jean says:

    bureau of land management – an ugly ugly agency. some employed in that agency take bribes. it is corrupt govt in the highest degree.

  2. Eve says:

    this makes me sick, that these greedy people of BLM and Cattle ranchers alike could do this..The people should be run until they can’t run..

    Karma will come to these evil people who only see money…

    You are all nothing but greedy heartless scumbags

    May you all rot in hell shoveling coal..

  3. Susan Durrenberger says:

    The wild horse roundups are a disgrace and beyond inhumane. I just rode through Arizone, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming and never saw a wild horse. I never saw all the cattle that supposedly needed the open range to graze upon.

    This tortuous roundup of wild horses is all about money and the government should be ashamed to be led by the nose and tolerate this flagrant abuse.

    USA now means Unrestricted Slaughter of Animals. I have abhorred the treatment of animals in 3rd world countries and never thought to see the same treatment and worse in my own country.

    I am ashamed of my government’s cruel actions and total disregard of Americas icons – the wild horses. This administration’s cruelty toward animals is beyond the limits of compassion and makes no sense, has no case and is a national disgrace.

  4. L.D.Strom says:

    This stuff is enraging! More appalling behavior from humans…They need to be stopped!!

  5. Adair Leonard says:

    Please stop the abuse of these innocent horses.

  6. Annoula Wylderich says:

    All the more reason why we need less government intervention in our lives. Their involvement comes to no good for anyone, including animals, because of the corruption and greed that takes precedence over the welfare of others. The BLM is a joke, just like the USDA.

  7. valerie winters says:

    salazar and all the rest of you at BLM are the SCUM of the earth. Obama, you are not much better. Good ridence to when both of you are gone and hopefully salazar will not return to Colorado. he is a total disgrace to this state. If I had one wish it would be that salazar would be transformed to a wild horse and rounded up, abused and then slaughtered over the border for horse meat. How about slaughtered still alive? May none of you involved with these horrible roundups never sleep at night.

  8. Sue Sefscik says:

    As the rescuer of a BLM senior mustang mare, these round ups are costing money, killing our unique American heritage the wild horses, and creating much negative energy. These actions MUST stop. Obama, you’re letting many people down!

  9. I am brought to my knees by the realization that the BLM is allowed to get away with this kind of madness, and not a single thing is done by anyone in power to stop it. These are OUR horses on OUR land. The majority of the American people want this to STOP, and yet it goes on unchecked day after day. It will continue to go on until all of our precious horses are gathered up and their lives destroyed, so that greedy cattle ranchers can feed their cattle cheaply. I’m sick to death as a taxpayer to see MY MONEY going for this atrocity. It must END NOW.

  10. WHY? Why are they doing this to these beautiful creatures that are doing nothing to us? In the end it is all about money……so sad!

  11. Lauren Baker says:

    To Salazar – I am so disgusted, that I can’t and won’t address you respectively as you don’t deserve it. I have a personal message for the likes of you below.

    The rule of logic that led to segregation and separation in the Americas, apartheid and colonization in Africa. And white supremacy throughout the world is the same one that is now exploiting animals and ravaging of nature.

    Mahatma Ghandi said: “The moral progress of a country is judged by its compassion shown toward its animals”.

    Einstein said: “Until we stop harming other living beings; we are all savages”. Obviously, this refers to you Salazar and the so-called humans at BLM.

    These magnificient creatures did not ask to be in this world. However, GOD created them and gave us dominion over them to love, nurture and protect them. Not to abuse, torture and slaughter them all in the name of greed.

  12. Obama do something and stop this cruelty, of these
    beautifull creatures…they dont deserve this treatment…

  13. mette vessel says:

    Land of the free, but not a country for animals. What is wrong with U Americans???

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