A Better World for Animals is at Your Fingertips!

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF's Staff Writer on February 27, 2015

Today’s daily action for National Justice for Animals Week is: Fight animal abuse online.


Fight animal abuse and honor animal victims online. Join the hundreds of thousands across the nation who have already taken action online to support critical ALDF campaigns, which are designed to have the maximum impact for animals. A better world for animals is at your fingertips!

Animal Bill of Rights

Help us reach one million signatures! Please join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed the Animal Bill of Rights—take action now! Let Congress and all of our elected officials know that the law should protect the basic needs of all animals—and should provide justice for those who are abused and exploited.

Animal Bill of Rights

Do Not Adopt

Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well. Animal abuser registries will help keep animals and families safe. New York City recently became the largest jurisdiction to pass a measure that will create a registry of convicted animal abusers in the city. If you would like to help pass a registry in your state, please contact your local legislators and ask for an animal abuser registry where you live! Take action at DoNotAdoptList.org.

First Strike and You’re Out

Currently, most states have no mandatory requirements keeping those who are convicted of animal abuse crimes away from animals following their convictions. ALDF’s model “First Strike and You’re Out” law will help in the fight against animal neglect and cruelty by keeping offenders away from potential new animal victims and will also help reduce the huge economic toll which repeat offenders impose on their communities.

Contact your state legislators today and ask them to support a “First Strike and You’re Out” law for those who are convicted of animal neglect or cruelty.


76 thoughts on “A Better World for Animals is at Your Fingertips!

  1. janet says:


  2. janet says:


  3. Lisa Troxell says:

    Stop animal abuse.

  4. Susan Gaitan says:

    There is a school principal here in Houston whose dog’s paw rotted off and she did NOTHING. Her aduot son told her how her outside dog was suffering and she claimed to be too busy to check on him. Bone was exposed, paw and leg amputated.
    Please start and enforce animal abuse registry for all people, whether they are blue collar or white collar. Encourage people to spay and neuter. Force hefty fines on abusers. This woman paid $2,000 and slap on the wrist. No jail time served.

    I would like to see the animals cops able to list abusers on this database, and free their overwhelmed schedules.

    Thank you.

    The little dog survived, btw.

  5. Vanessa Carbia says:

    Please support a “first strike and you’re out” law for those who are convicted of animal neglect or cruelty in order to keep offenders away from potential new animal victims and to reduce the huge economic toll that repeat offenders impose on their communities. Thank you.

  6. niki conrad says:

    I strongly support the animal bill of rights. I believe those who abuse animals should be punished there should be no tolerance to those who do any harm to animals we have seen such a huge increase on animal abuse including on factory farms,shelters,and breeders, as well as personal homes of citizens. Animal hoarding is also something that has increased over the years. Please realize that animals much like humans are capable of feeling the same emotions as us they feel pain,sadness,fear and anxiety,as well as happiness and joy. I will always be a voice for the voiceless this is why I strongly support animals having rights and justice for those who harm these animals. Animal abuse has been linked to other crimes such as domestic violence,child abuse so to prevent these other crimes animal abuse must be taken seriously.

  7. Kerry Langer says:

    Please end animal abuse!!

  8. Madeline Steele says:

    Stop the animal abuse

  9. Rebecca Dumais says:

    Animal deserve a better world!!

  10. Mary Wilson says:

    ♥♥♥ Love my animals like family and so wish everyone else would too.

  11. Sam Morton says:

    Stop animal abuse

  12. H. Benitez says:

    Stop animals’ pain & torture!

  13. Colette Hulett says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can
    be judged by the way its animals are treated… I hold that,
    the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection
    by [people] from the cruelty of [human kind]”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  14. Victoria says:

    Stop the abuse & killing now!

  15. chris sharpnack says:

    If i can do anything just ask

  16. alicia says:

    Stop the abuse!

  17. Nicole Carlson USA says:

    Time to take a stand on animal abuse. The neglect, abuse and mistreatment of animals needs to have serious consequences. A line should be drawn to make offenders aware that animal suffering will not be tolerated.

  18. Joyce says:

    Please stop the animal abuse….my dog’s are family…. respect..love all animals on the earth.

  19. Sandra Durand says:

    Please stop animal abuse. Animals have no voice. Please help.

  20. What a terrific organization, thank you!

  21. For the question is not can they reason, nor is it can they talk, it is can they suffer

  22. Malene Lydersen says:

    Please help end animal abuse! Humans who exercise animal abuse are more easily capable to do the same to humans…

    We should respect animals and keep them safe, they give us so much love and loyality <3

  23. Wendy Hinckley says:

    Agree with Mary Wilson…♥♥♥ Love my animals like family and so wish everyone else would too.

  24. Teresa Aleo says:

    We have to speak or yell, for those who cannot speak for themselves!!!

  25. Sharon Lawson says:

    I fully support the animal rights bill. Too many animals are abused in horrific ways and until there are proper sentences for cruelty it will continue. Sentences should be harsh to deter the offender and be a detergent to others

  26. Rachael Chan says:

    Stop animal abuse!

  27. Nancy Armeli says:

    In 2014 we shold have already passed laws that stop animal abuse. It has been proven that there is a strong link between domestic abuse and mistreating animals. Start caring about this important issue!

  28. We have to stop slapping the abusers on the wrist.Lets lock them up and throw away the key.If they could abuse animal those cowards can do the same to humans.Lets start being the voice they count on.

  29. Trish Haywood says:

    Evil, vile and sociopathic humans occupy all corners of this planet. The ‘right-minded’ must continue to speak out – the future depends on passionate loudmouths to petition, protest and complain about these atrocities. :-(( !!!

  30. Priscilla says:

    Please sign the bill to stop all animal abuse.

    Thank you,

  31. Jennifer floyd says:

    No more abuse

  32. Donna Kersey says:

    Stop abuse of animals

  33. Paula Scott says:

    Please protect our furry friends. Abuse is abuse no matter who is the victim.

  34. Audrey says:

    What or who do we contact to get a law passed for animal abusers? Too many happening now and third story in LI about a dog being thrown out of a car and you offer $2,000 reward and then you don’t hear the outcome? This is OUT OF CONTROL!

  35. Audrey says:

    What or who do we contact to get a law passed for animal abusers? Too many happening now and third story in LI about a dog being thrown out of a car and you offer $2,000 reward and then you don’t hear the outcome? This is OUT OF CONTROL!

  36. Audrey says:

    We need to be their voices. Laws must be put into action IMMEDIATELY! Third dog in LI being thrown from a moving vehicle and you offer a $2,000 reward? That’s all? Then I hear arrest will soon be made and then that’s it?!?! What happened? This must STOP! The sooner strict laws are put in place maybe these monsters will think twice before hurting a helpless loving animal!

  37. Alison Bartle says:

    Tougher laws and tougher punishments are needed for all animal abusers. Animals have rights. They have the right to life and one without abuse neglect or murder. They need proper protection and it is our duty to speak up for each and every one of them. We cannot do so without the support of law enforcement and better laws and punishments for abusers and animal murderers.

  38. There is power in numbers. Please continue to share and raise awareness for the protection of helpless animals! Thank you!

  39. lezle stein says:

    Let’s get this signed, sealed & delivered!

  40. Tammy Cesario says:

    We MUST stop people from harming these innocent souls !

  41. Linda says:

    Done give them a second chance…if busted…that’s it one strike is one to many….

  42. Joan Ferguson says:

    Animals have hearts & feelings. Being unable to speak makes them easy targets. I guarantee people who hurt animals will hurt humans smaller & weaker than themselves. Anyone who will victimize another living being should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I know we need to enact stronger laws, but until then we must all demand justice for animals by at least giving the harshest penalty possible. No acts of cruelty or neglect should go unpunished. Please help animals by being their voices. Speak out.

  43. lee raeder says:

    all God”s creatchers have HEARTS & SOULS. all ANIMALS need LOVE.no more Pain !!

  44. Suz says:

    We need tougher laws on animal abusers. NOW. There is way too much abuse, not only in homes, but in events… rodeos, circuses, magic acts, bullfighting, bear baiting, and on and on. We are suppose to be a civilized species. Let’s show it!

  45. LeAnn McRoberts says:

    Stop animal abuse.

  46. Pet are family!! Respect all living things!

  47. Dreda Ilyas says:

    Tougher laws and sentences for animal abusers.

  48. Julie Hayden says:

    Their needs to be justice for all acts of animal cruelty.Their needs to be given the harshest penalty and jail time We have to have justice for the voiceless. We have to be their voice and speak
    out for them and protect them.

  49. Ellie Smith says:

    Let’s get the Laws to protect animals passed.

  50. Shell says:

    Stand up and speak out…
    …All creatures “deserve” the right to be free of oppression, confinement, use and abuse by humans!!!
    Those who deny these rights “deserve” to be held accountable and penalized!! And the public “deserves” the right to know just who the offenders are and have access to their criminal records!!!
    An animal cruelty registry would, indeed, be a huge
    step in the right direction!

  51. Margaret peterson says:

    I think if we had harsher laws on the offenders there would be less abuse. At least I hope. If they don’t get a strict punishment they will think it’s ok nothing will happen to me!! Maybe there should be vigilante groups to teach these sick people who abuse an animal or child it’s not ok & we won’t take it anymore!!

  52. Cynthia says:

    You abuse it, you lose it.

  53. Isis Walker says:

    When we start punishing animal abusers with serious jail time that will be a miracle! I pray for it everyday, along with the wish that the abusers burn in hell forever

  54. Lori M says:

    Abusers must be held accountable the first time!! Animals deserve better than the current system delivers.

  55. N Huether says:

    Animals are living, breathing beings who feel pain the same as humans!

  56. lucia says:

    i will try to help as much as i can

  57. I try to expose animal abuse around the world with my website, constantly updating news stories, Naming & Shaming and more….

  58. Maria Petersson says:

    Be a voice for them who can’t speak for themselves!

  59. bob nairne says:

    love all of creation

  60. Patricia Masters says:

    Desperately needed people seem to be more cruel to animals than ever. People who abuse animals must be treated as criminals. Animals cannot speak for themselves THEY NEED OUR VOICE.

  61. Jennie mae faust says:

    PLEASE, HELP The Ones Who Can NOT Help Them-Selves!

    STOP Cruelty ALL Together, NOW!

  62. STOP This Cruelty Towards ALL Animals, NOW!!!

  63. Sabrina says:

    Every heart, no matter human or animal,
    has the right to beat in peace.
    It is time to act! Stop animal abuse!!!

  64. Marilyn R.Soy says:

    Its time to speak for those who have no words. Stop abuse and cruelty to all animals domestic and feral.



  66. Catherine Lewis says:

    Every life is important, and those who abuse animals will one day abuse humans. STOP animal abuse!

  67. Valerie Smith says:

    I am doing what I can…hope everyone keeps their eyes and ears open to all abuse. DO NOT be afraid to call in anything that might go unnoticed to the average joe. We all need to do our best!!!

  68. Kimberly says:


  69. Were can i find a good Animal Rights Attorney in Michigan? I cant just hire any lawyer, i need help here please a referral???? #JusticeForDuke

  70. Kathrin says:

    Animal cruelty is a concoction of sick people and must be punished hard. Whether it is private or commercial livestock does not matter – forbid and punish!

  71. Ethel Hinchy says:

    I am so happy that legislation is changing so that the perpetrators of inhuman acts against animals are being more severely punished thru jail sentences and stiff fines. Keep up the good work! I just wish I was a lawyer that could go to court and fight for them. Problem is, I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool which is neccessary.

  72. Jaime Politano says:

    In this day and age when we are supposedly living in a civilized world, there is no excuse for animal abuse of any kind … whether it be someone’s pet, a stray animal, or livestock. These are innocent living beings and it is up to us to protect them and treat them kindly.

  73. Jossie Moran says:

    Where can i sign?

  74. Jim says:

    Give animals the vote
    Down with people
    Give animals there habitat back
    How do we get rid of all these bad people?

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