5 Reasons to Eat for the Planet This Earth Day, 2015

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on April 22, 2015

April 22 is Earth Day—a day celebrated around the world—and reminds us to care for the planet we all share. Here are five reasons all animal lovers should “Eat for the Planet” (OneGreenPlanet’s campaign) starting today.


  1. Animal Agriculture Is Killing Our Planet. Industrial-scale agriculture, (the factory farming of animals for food) not only harms the billions of animals we slaughter annually in the U.S. alone, and frequently leads to violations of federal and state anti-cruelty and environmental laws, is also one of the top contributors to climate change. As our population surpasses 7 billion people, cutting animals out of our diets can help save the planet.
  2. Eating Animals Can Make Us Sick. From salmonella to superbugs, do you know what’s in the food you eat? The Animal Legal Defense Fund is leading the fight against factory farms with lawsuits over misused antibiotics in meat that can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, ractopamine added to animal feed, cruelty in force-fed foie gras, and dishonest marketing in supposedly “humane” meat and eggs that are anything but humane, as well as bullying from inhumane producers.
  3. Dolphin Safe Tuna Isn’t Safe for Anyone. Commercial fishing destroys marine ecology. Even tuna companies that claim to use “sustainable” fishing practices are still killing not only tuna but dolphins and countless non-target animals including whales and endangered turtles. You can sign ALDF’s petition to boycott tuna producers.
  4. Predators Are Crucial to Ecosystems. Wolf hunting and coyote killing contests hurt more than just the individuals shot as “trophies.” Reckless killing of pack-members can destroy family systems and disrupt entire ecosystems. What’s more, studies show that most livestock that die before slaughter are killed by disease, not predators.
  5. Better Animal Laws Means a Better Planet. Protecting the interests of nonhuman animals means setting a standard of care for our shared environment! Protecting animals means we must also protect the earth, and not destroy the wild lands used by wild animals. More people eating more eat means less room for wilderness and wildlife. Did you know in the last 50 years 50% of wild species have been extinguished? Animal agriculture is a leading cause of the sixth major extinction crisis in the history of the planet.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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