$25,000 Reward! Help ALDF Track Down Dog Poisoner as Fatal Meatballs Strike Again

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on February 26, 2014

Poisoned meatballs have been found in San Francisco again! The Animal Legal Defense Fund, SFDOG, and Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) of the poisoned meatballs in the Bay Area. On February 22, a San Francisco animal control officer found 35 meatballs that would be deadly to unsuspecting dogs and cats who came for a nibble. The poisoned meatballs were scattered through a Twin Peaks neighborhood where a similar incident occurred last year, hidden in carports, stairwells, along curbs, and in bushes. Along with funds from ALDF and SFDOG, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has generously pledged the bulk of the reward—contributing $23,000—to help track down the perpetrator(s) responsible.


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Last year, ALDF reported the wave of pathetic attempts to poison San Francisco dogs with poisoned meatballs. Just before the July 4, 2013 holiday, an unknown individual deliberately left hundreds of strychnine-laced meatballs in areas dogs frequent, in an apparent attempt to poison unsuspecting pups. This nightmare was discovered after a seven-year-old dachshund named Oskar gobbled down a poison meatball on his July 3 morning walk and immediately became very sick. First discovered in the Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights neighborhoods, the majority of the meatballs were found around Crestline Drive, Parkridge Drive, and Burnett Avenue. Some reports indicate that they have been discovered in neighborhoods as far flung as Cole Valley, Hayes Valley, and Bernal Heights. Sadly, Oskar passed away after a long struggle at the veterinarian.


Two meatballs found at the crime scene.

San Francisco is a mutt-loving city, home to the “Dog Day on the Bay” canine-friendly cruise (to benefit the San Francisco SPCA), Muttville senior dog rescue, and even a group of local dog walkers who sued to enable their pups to continue playing at Fort Funston.

Not surprisingly, San Francisco animal lovers fought back. Last year, they canvassed neighborhoods, locating dozens of the meatballs before any more dogs could be hurt. They turned the dangerous items over to police, who acted swiftly, offering a tip line, warning residents to maintain vigilance, and seeking the public’s help in finding the culprit. The community’s quick action likely saved other dogs from suffering as Oskar did. Residents came together to show that animal poisoning will not go unnoticed or unpunished in San Francisco. However, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is calling on the public again.

If you have information relating to the identity of the person or persons involved, please contact the Animal Legal Defense Fund at 707-795-2533, x1010.

15 thoughts on “$25,000 Reward! Help ALDF Track Down Dog Poisoner as Fatal Meatballs Strike Again

  1. Susan Welsford says:

    Help bring these vicious criminals to justice!

  2. Susan Welsford says:

    Put these criminals behind bars!

  3. Lisa Loviglio says:

    Is there a some type of petition we can sign & make it Immediate imprisonment if caught – I never knew about this being from NY but its just as bad as antifreeze or any other Dispictable immoral inhumane act that is done to stray animals. I’m so distraught by this as I am a big animal advocate/lover.

  4. Ms Kathy Margaret Montero says:

    protect the animals but these people in jail

  5. Samir says:

    How can others contribute money to the reward?!

  6. Ellen says:

    I agree that stiff jail time and after jail time is finished the offender needs to do supervised community service in helping animal!!!

  7. Susan Jacoby says:

    I wish our country have sticker punishments were animals and humans are concerned. Like some off these other country s. Steal,chop off a hand. poison a animal ,poison them also.And so on and so on!! I think you get my point!

    1. Barbara Kirby says:

      I am sooo with you on this thought Susan. Animal and child abusers get off entirely too easily. There should be much stricter laws in place. All I know is that if anyone ever hurt my four legged babies, they would regret it for sure, one way or another.

  8. Leah Perez says:

    Aren’t there any video cameras (apartment buildings) that might have video of the sick person who did this? I can’t imagine in this day in age there isn’t video somewhere of this!

  9. Mandy Exly says:

    $25,000 reward? I’d be out there hiding video cameras all over the dog-friendly places, to capture the culprit. Not just for the money, of course, but that’s a great motivator for apathetic people.

  10. Penny Morris says:

    Prison isn’t good enough

  11. Please let me know how I can contribute to the reward fund.

  12. Laura Rolder says:

    This person needs to be in jail for harming innocent animals.

  13. Jean Russell says:

    Ever who is doing this should be made to eat the poison meatballs on tv.

  14. Pamela says:

    This sick person must have a deep grudge against dogs. I’m sure people that live around those places/streets that were mentioned know that psycho that’s doing all this in other words know a neighbor that hates animals.What this person is doing is unforgivable.

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