Meg York

Meg YorkMeg York’s passion for animals dates back to her early childhood. Unable to separate her heart from her plate, Meg adopted a vegetarian diet. As she grew older, her love for animals transformed her vegetarianism into veganism and her advocacy into activism. Meg’s involvement with animal rights includes advocating for ballot initiatives, lobbying against harmful legislation, promoting veganism within her community, exploring the intersectionality of speciesism and other forms of systematic oppression, working with Kinship Circle and other animal advocacy organizations, sponsoring a cow at VINE Sanctuary, campaigning against cruel “delicacies” such as veal and foie gras, and both hosting and participating in local grassroots animal rights activism.

Meg spent her first year studying at Vermont Law School, where she became an active member of Vermont’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter. Representing their SALDF chapter, Meg campaigned on behalf of Bill and Lou, the Green Mountain College oxen controversially sentenced to slaughter. She lobbied against HB 110, a proposed Ag-Gag bill in New Hampshire, applying Constitutional Law principles to combat harmful, anti-whistleblower legislation. Meg participated in service days, continued her work with animal advocacy groups whose missions align with ALDF’s, and hosted vegan bake sales on behalf of ALDF’s Criminal Justice department. Meg helped recruit speakers for this year’s Animal Law Symposium and lobbied VLS administrators for animal law classes, which had been recently removed from the school’s curriculum.

Meg is currently serving as an intern at Evans & Page, a San Francisco-based civil litigation firm specializing in animal law, civil rights, and environmental protection. Meg is also a legal extern for Equal Justice Alliance, a coalition of organizations challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and other similar legislation affecting the civil liberties and First Amendment rights of individuals advocating for animals. Next year, Meg will continue her legal studies at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Meg is eager to become an active member of her new SALDF chapter while maintaining and nourishing cross-country connections with Vermont Law’s SALDF. A JD candidate for the class of 2015, Meg hopes to use her degree to provide insight regarding the legal issues surrounding the philanthropic and non-profit sector, defending activists’ civil liberties, working for better legal protections for animals, as well as encouraging and inspiring the next generation of animal lawyers through maintaining SALDF chapters, and serving as a SALDF advisor. Meg sees the opportunity to study law as a privilege, and looks forward to using her legal education to advance the lives and protect the interests of animals.

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