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Your bequest will help us to protect future generations of animals. And because ALDF is a nonprofit charitable organization recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, tax savings resulting from a bequest can be substantial.


Your bequest to ALDF will have lasting impact because:

  • Each time a law is passed, or a landmark case is won, the lives of thousands or even millions of animals are changed for the better, forever.
  • ALDF’s educational and training programs are changing the views of the general public and both current and future legal professionals, including judges, prosecutors and attorneys.
  • As “the legal arm of the animal protection movement,” ALDF is a powerful voice for imperiled animals in our communities, on farms and in the entertainment industry. We work tirelessly to protect animals from cruelty, abandonment, torture and neglect.

Companion animals add so much to our lives and give us joy, unconditional love and loyalty. Yet people routinely fail to provide for their animals in their wills. You should not assume that the executor of your will knows what is in the best interest of your companion animals. You need to make direct reference and provisions for them in your will.

Ensuring Care of Your Animals Following Your Passing

Set up a Testamentary Guardian Trust within your will.

Such a trust generally leaves an animal to a Guardian and sets aside a sum of money to be held and used by a Trustee to provide for the animal’s food, care and veterinary needs over his lifetime. (The Guardian and Trustee can be the same person only if you absolutely trust that person). Leave a reasonable amount of money in the trust; if you leave a very large sum, relatives are more likely to challenge the will. The funds in this Trust will not actually belong to your animals, but they receive the benefit of the funds. Some other person or organization must be entitled to the residuary funds that may or may not be left after the deaths of your animals.

Make a direct bequest to an individual (beneficiary) who agrees to use the funds to care for your animals.

Clearly explain your expectations for the care of the animals. This is risky because the beneficiary is under no legal obligation to actually use the money for the care of your animals.  You can state in your will that your companion animals may not be used for medical research or product testing under any circumstances.  If you have provided in your will for the euthanasia of your animal upon your death, be aware that the courts have invalidated such provisions. You would be better advised to request your executor, a trusted friend, or a reputable humane organization be first given the opportunity to locate an appropriate home for your animals. There is less likelihood a court would overturn such a provision, and your animal may adapt much better than you would expect. Make sure you discuss your plans in advance with the people or organizations you leave in charge so they won’t be surprised and there will be less confusion and delay for your animals. Have your will and any trusts drafted by a qualified estate planning attorney in your area to avoid legal problems.

Ensure your pet a loving home for a lifetime while helping ALDF.

What will happen to your pets when you are gone? With ALDF’s Legacy of Love program, you can guarantee your beloved furry friends a loving home for life. If you include ALDF in your will for $25,000 or more per pet in cash and/or assets, we will ensure that your pet(s) receive a lifetime commitment from us guaranteeing your pet a loving home.

In the adoption agreement it will be noted that ALDF may take the companion animal back if we believe your pet is not receiving the type of care he or she should, which includes meals, exercise, regular veterinary care, and of course, plenty of adoration. Your generous donation provides a full lifetime of care for your pet while helping to fund our important work. If you would like give your pet a Legacy of Love, please apply now.


If you have questions about the Legacy of Love program, contact estates@aldf.org.

To add ALDF to your will please include the exact information and tax identification number listed below to your will:

Animal Legal Defense Fund
170 E. Cotati Avenue
Cotati, CA 94931

Tax identification number: 94-2681680

Additionally, if you would like us to maintain a secure copy of your will for your added protection, to help see that your wishes are carried out, please mail a copy marked confidential to, Legacies, at the above address. This is not a requirement. It is just something we offer people for augmented piece of mind.

If you would like a copy of our 501c 3 determination letter for you records please click here.

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We share your dreams and your concerns. If you would like more information, or would like to discuss a planned gift or bequest to ALDF, please email us. (Please include your mailing address and phone number.) Check out our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.

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