University of Louisville-Brandeis: Vegan Taco Bar and Companion Animal Photo Contest

Brandeis SALDF membersThe
Brandeis SALDF chapter is the first and only chapter in Kentucky, and
since its inception last spring has been very successful in raising
awareness regarding animal related legal issues in Kentucky. This newly
formed SALDF chapter at the University of Louisville recently held its
first fundraiser. In order to raise money for local animal welfare
groups, the chapter sponsored a vegan taco bar which included three
tacos, beans, rice, dessert, and a soft drink for only five dollars.
The group also held a simultaneous “companion animal look-alike” photo
contest that showcased pictures of guardians with their companion
animals, including several faculty members; the pictures drew a lot of
attention because students loved seeing their favorite professors with
their animal companions. The winner received a gift basket donated from
a local business, Three Dog Bakery, and this fundraiser was supported
by a $100 SALDF project grant from ALDF. The group anticipates holding
a similar fundraiser in the spring due to the success of its recent

To promote the fundraiser, in the weeks preceding
the event, chapter members posted signs throughout the law school and
advertised in the electronic daily newsletter. The turnout was
outstanding, and the Brandeis SALDF chapter collected over $400, which
it distributed equally between two rural Kentucky rescue groups. One of
these groups, Small Dog Rescue and Retirement Home, was actually a
catalyst in the creation of the group. Just last year, Brandeis SALDF
president, Brittany Ducker, adopted an abused Chihuahua from this
organization. Frustrated that the people responsible for dislocating
the hip of this sweet dog went unpunished, Brittany decided to begin a
chapter of ALDF at the University of Louisville law school.

With the help of Professor John Cross and a few
dedicated students, the chapter began, and the group spent a great deal
of time advertising through posters and small events. With each small
meeting, the chapter grew, and after its recent fundraiser, this SALDF
chapter felt it was only fitting to make its first donation to the
organization that, in effect, started it all. The group is very proud
of its recent fundraising success and looks forward to future
activities that will help to raise awareness of animal rights issues
and safeguard the rights of animals in the legal system.

This spotlight was submitted by Brittany Ducker, Brandeis SALDF president.

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