Undercover Investigations Program

What is the goal of ALDF’s undercover investigations program? 

The goal of the undercover investigations program at ALDF is to assist ALDF’s litigation and criminal justice programs with evidence needed for cases to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The program also shines a light on the cruelty inherent in many animal industries like factory farming, puppy mills and roadside zoos.

Why are undercover investigations important?

Undercover investigations are central to building cases against animal abusers and those who profit from the exploitation of animals. Evidence obtained from undercover investigations has been used by prosecutors and law enforcement and led to criminal prosecutions. Investigations have also led to massive food recalls after food safety violations were documented. And in other cases, investigations have inspired the passage of humane laws.

How is ALDF’s undercover investigations program different from undercover investigation programs at other animal protection nonprofits?

The undercover investigations program at ALDF is different from other investigations programs in that ALDF has the specific goal of assisting attorneys in gathering evidence needed to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. Our goal is not just to publicize the evidence but to bring legal action to change the system to benefit animals.

What is it like working as an undercover investigator?  

Working undercover is both the most horrific and the most rewarding thing any individual can do to advocate for the lives of suffering animals. It’s life changing to know that your work as an investigator will make a dramatic difference in the lives of innocent beings by revealing their suffering to the world.

How can I become an undercover investigator?

The process for becoming an undercover investigator is demanding. It starts with taking a deep look into your own heart and asking the hard question, “Am I capable of seeing the most horrific suffering in the world in order to help end it?” From there, the application process consists of a long series of interviews, background checks, and evaluations that take a couple months.

Is there anything else I can do to help farmed animals? 

The best thing anyone can do is to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diet. Eating a plant-based diet is so easy in today’s world. By leaving animals off of your plate, you can help end the suffering of millions of animals every year.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund recently released undercover video footage documenting a system that exploits both workers and animals from inside a Tyson Foods’ Texas slaughter plant in Carthage, Texas.

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