The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s primary programs include:

ALDF’s Legislative Affairs Program monitors legislation that impacts animals at the federal, state & local levels, and then develops appropriate tactical responses. We work closely with ALDF’s other programs to identify opportunities for ALDF to create model legislation that address strategic legal issues and then get that legislation enacted into law. We also identify critical opportunities for ALDF to mobilize its resources to support key new legislation that would promote or protect the lives & interests of animals, or to oppose legislation that would harm animals’ interests and exploit them further.

ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program is staffed by attorneys, including former prosecutors, with expertise in animal protection law. Our attorneys provide free legal assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to ensure that state criminal anti-cruelty statutes are vigorously enforced and that those convicted of animal cruelty and neglect receive appropriate sentences. We work with state legislators to enact felony anti-cruelty statutes in states that do not yet have them and to upgrade existing laws in states that do. The Criminal Justice Program also maintains a nationwide database of animal cruelty cases and current and model animal protection laws available to prosecutors, legislators and researchers.

The goal of the undercover investigations program at ALDF is to assist ALDF’s litigation and criminal justice programs with evidence needed for cases to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The program also shines a light on the cruelty inherent in many animal industries like factory farming, puppy mills and roadside zoos.

ALDF’s Animal Law Program works closely with law students and law professionals to advance the emerging field of animal law. Moving toward the day when animal law is part of the curriculum at each and every law school, the Animal Law Program collaborates with students, faculty, and school administrations to facilitate the development of animal law courses and assists students in forming Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapters.

In our litigation work, ALDF staff attorneys may bring suit themselves, or ALDF may retain outside counsel to represent it; we may also file either as a named plaintiff, or as the attorneys for other organizations or individuals. Our civil actions on behalf of animals often include filing amicus curiae briefs arguing the case for recognition of the bonds between humans and nonhuman animals and formal complaints against government agencies charged with enforcing laws meant to protect animals.

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