Membership & Operations

Sandy manages all online and offline processing functions for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, as well as membership databases, including creating strategies to optimize performance and data integrity to best support the organization’s evolving needs. She also oversees membership services.

Sandy holds a BA in Graphic Design, and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine, and has spent more than 10 years in operations and administrative management.

Though animals have always held a special place in Sandy’s heart, her advocacy on their behalf really took off while in college, where she served on the Board of her university’s animal rights group and worked to educate others about animal issues, such as the inhumane treatment of animals in circuses and animals used for experimentation in cosmetics and product testing.

Since then she has continued to put her passion into action by gathering signatures to help California pass Proposition 2, which improved the welfare of animals on factory farms, and she has been a therapeutic riding volunteer, as well as a dog socializer for local humane societies. Trained as a volunteer disaster responder with Red Rover, Sandy has dedicated her life to helping dogs in need, including being active in anti-puppy mill campaigns, spay and neuter events, and working to prevent dogfighting rings.

Outside the office, Sandy focuses a lot of her time on music. She also opens her home to rescue older dogs in need, such as Ziggy (pictured) and now her newest rescue dog Ollie.

Ofra is in constant contact with our supporters, answering their questions and offering assistance. In connecting with the compassionate people who make the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s work possible, Ofra shares her passion for protecting animals. To Ofra, protecting animals’ right to live and prosper is simply the difference between right and wrong, and after working in many different fields, she found her calling in animal rights and joined the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Ofra holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in management information systems. In her free time, Ofra enjoys exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, especially nearby animal sanctuaries. She also enjoys traveling, and recently moved back to the Bay Area after years in New York and Tel Aviv. Her two cats, Popeye and Piggy, were rescued from the streets of Israel.

As Operations Administrative Assistant, Emma provides crucial support to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Programs Officer and helps the Animal Legal Defense Fund keep functioning at optimum capacity.

Emma graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from University of California, Berkeley.  Inspired by her late grandfather’s work with the Humane Society of the United States, Emma worked as an intern with the Federal Affairs Department of the HSUS as part of her mission to develop a career in animal protection. Emma was raised vegetarian and grew up in a family that placed an emphasis on fair treatment for animals. In joining the Animal Legal Defense Fund, she puts her passion to work.

Outside of the office, Emma volunteers at a sanctuary for farmed animals rescued largely from factory farming operations, the dairy industry and battery egg farms.  Getting to know these farmed animals as individuals was the final push for Emma to go vegan over three years ago. She also enjoys taking her 9-year-old rescue dog, Lilly, for long walks so they can both enjoy the scenery. Lilly joins Emma in the office and spends her days seeking belly rubs when she’s not napping.


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