Victory: Utah Ag-Gag Law Declared Unconstitutional

This is the second time a state Ag-Gag statute has been struck down as unconstitutional, both rulings the result of lawsuits led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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Florida Orca Protection Act

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and a coalition of animal protection, environmental, and marine conservation groups are fighting for legislation that would end orca captivity in the Florida.

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The Animal Law Conference

Join us for the 25th Annual Animal Law Conference!

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California: One More Step to End Sales of Puppy Mill Animals

September 25, 2017
California residents, please take this final action to end the sale of animals who come from puppy mills or other large scale breeding facilities. Read More »

Joint Comment Letter Opposes National Chicken Council Petition

September 21, 2017
Granting the petition would endanger worker safety, threaten food safety, and increase the inhumane treatment and death of birds by means other than slaughter. Read More »

Court Greenlights Deceptive Advertising Case Against Hormel “Natural Choice” Products

September 21, 2017
Hormel “natural” meats actually come from factory farms that confine animals indoors in cramped, unsanitary conditions and use additives, hormones, and antibiotics. Read More »

Case Update: Fighting USDA for Animal Welfare Records

September 21, 2017
Forcing animal protection organizations to rely on FOIA requests is a significant burden that takes months, even years, to process. Read More »

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